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The description JS USB OTG Apk

● Does not need rooting.
● NTFS(read-only), exFAT(read-only), FAT32(read, delete) filesystem are supported.
● USB drive, flash card should be formatted by NTFS or exFAT or FAT32 filesystem.
● Mainly developed and tested on the Nexus 5x, Nexus 7 2013, Nexus Player(Android TV).
● Before buying this official version app, please try JS USB OTG trial version.
- You can check if your mobile device supports USB Host mode and app compatibility.
● There is no trial version for the Android TV.

【 Video Streaming 】
ㆍ Without the need to save video files in the mobile device, you can directly watch a video by streaming.
ㆍ mp4, mkv, avi, mov, wmv, mpg, mpeg, flv, m4v, webm, 3gp, ts streaming.
ㆍ Offline streaming. Does not need to turn on the Wifi or 3G / 4G network.
ㆍ By streaming, Play, Pause, Jump, Resume are possible for a video file which is over 4GB size.
ㆍ Recommend MX Player(with custom-codec, s/w decoder), KODI(XBMC), VLC, BS Player as a video player.
ㆍ Subtitle
- Through subtitle selection menu of the video player, after copying the subtitle file to the mobile device.

【 Built-in Image, Photo Viewer 】
ㆍ Does not need to save image files in the mobile device.
ㆍ Supported image formats : png, jpg/jpeg, bmp, gif
ㆍ Full screen slideshow through the swiping right/left (for image files in the same folder)
ㆍ Pinch to zoom in/out
ㆍ Fit an image to screen by double tap.
ㆍ Click image file, and direct open.

【 Built-in Music Player 】
ㆍ Does not need to save audio files in the mobile device.
ㆍ Supported audio formats : mp3, flac, ogg
ㆍ Audio files in the same folder
ㆍ Play, Pause, Stop, Prev, Next, Shuffle, Repeat
ㆍ Background play by Home Button.
ㆍ Click audio file, and direct open.

【 Long Click 】
ㆍ File, folder multi-copy function
ㆍ FAT32 file, folder delete function ( Default OFF. ON in the settings page )

【 Local storage file manager, player 】
ㆍ Basic operations. (move, delete, copy, rename, multi-selection)
ㆍ Built-in music player, image viewer.
ㆍ Drawer menu for selecting local storage or USB device.

【 Android TV version 】
ㆍ All the functions are same with mobile version. UI is little different.
ㆍ Built-in music player
- Click left or right button on the list for moving focus to the control panel.

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10 recent comments of JS USB OTG APK

Harry Bertins

Opens exFAT card with no issues. However copying files onto the device does not work. It creates a 0kb file. Would be good to be able to unmount the drive within the app too.

Rico G

Can't move files from my Note to Western Digital My Passport HD, but I can move from hard drive to phone

Josef Mehmedovic

Can't copy files from my Samsung to my usb stick only copy file to my samsung


Stupid app


Hi, I use your apps on a Nexus Players in order to watch movies from my external hard disk and i meet very often some troubles. For instance, sometime, I don't know why, I try to open a folder and the app crashs. I suppose this is because of a files but I don't know which one especially. I just have .mkv and .tbn format files. May you help me ? Because now, I can't use the app unfortunately. Thank you.

Chris Baxter

Works great with my nexus player, before I was using a custom rom for non fat32 drives. But the custom roms where rather unstable.

Peter Daniel

I first bought this app in June 2015, when it wouldn't play mpg video. I don't know when it was fixed, but it now works perfectly and I recommend it.

Jayson Dujali

But now keep crushing every time when I try to open LG G PAD 5.0 pls fix

Nethaji s

All mobile support

Wes Loukota

Keeps crashing. Can more than 1 file at a time be download? If not I want my money back.

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