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Kids Lock (plugin)Kids Lock (plugin)Kids Lock (plugin)Kids Lock (plugin)

The description Kids Lock (plugin) Apk

Kids lock with colorful shapes and animations. Keep your kids entertained without having to worry about them making calls or touching other apps.

** IMPORTANT NOTICE: This is a software component of MX Player and does not operate by itself independently.

Some of the screens are from the Big Buck Bunny licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported.
(c) copyright 2008, Blender Foundation /

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  • 1.0
  • Android 2.1 - Eclair (SDK: 7)
  • January 9, 2016
  • 42588B092F7DCED6F1E29C1E9F7537353EF06461
  • 300fabdf00e54e4903f5d5ac11b1cd89
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10 recent comments of Kids Lock (plugin) APK

shams shamus

Works very good. But the major bug is; when the phones screen automatically locks, u cannot unlock it as this app takes over the touch screen. Same with answering a call, u cannot slide to unlock. The app freezes so u have to HARD REBOOT phone

Tony Martinez

My one year old loves watching music videos on my tablet but keeps unlocking it and making it louder and changing the video. Now touching the screen entertains him as well. Once he saw it he knew something was up and stopped touching the screen.

Sal Nog

Love it. True to its word. It does what it says. The best part is that it really is free. No ads kids can hit by mistake. Great job developer (s). Please if you update this app, keep it ad free as if you add some, it will make this app useless.


Nothing about the game but I am so annoyed that when I downloaded it it didn't pop up o. The screen. I'm so sorry but I'm righting this comment and guess what I'm 7 years old so treat me well


Good Idea, Poor Implementation. Unless you touch it perfectly and precisely and exactly the way it wants, it effectively locks YOU out, nevermind the kids. This is a valid idea that needs to spend more time in quality control testing; specifically, it needs to be made a lot LESS sensitive to exactly WHERE and HOW you tap it. It's not supposed to be a challenge, for heaven's sake—if the kids know it exists theyll eventually get it. This works based on them not knowing; as such, making it difficult (even a bit) is simply poorly thought out.

scott macdonald

Hi rather than have a big unlock button come up when you press the screen that curious fingers will press. Can you change to a complicated sequence that you can't see i.e. press opposite corners or swipe a big o or w or press all 4 corners in order. Its just that having a big button appear when ever my daughter presses the screen just makes her press the button and makes the lock redundant. Cheers

Grant C

My 10 month old son loves watching his music videos, and now he can play with the screen while it's locked. He loves it! I found this feature by accident, too.


Great idea. And great app. Problem is my 3 year old can break out of kid lock by button bashing home button. Galaxy S3

Mark Doan

3 stars simply because the Home button can still be pressed, and dummy me didn't figure out how to activate the feature in the settings menu in the first place (almost uninstalled it). For those who have the same trouble, the developer should put it in the app description. So if you're wondering, get to the app's menu (sometimes the vertical dot dot dot) and select Display / Settings / Controls.


say when the play back is ON, hit the home key (capacitive key on phones) and the player is put in background, though the screen is still locked even in the home screen. this kind of spooked me and i thought my phone got frozen. touching the 4 corners then released the lock on my home screen. option to disable the home key during playback would be great. Thanks. -------------------------------- to use this feature------- , go to tools > settings > player > touch control in MX player and change lock mode to kids lock.

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