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The description KidTime Apk

KidTime lets children free to use the phone. In limited time, children can only open apps which are selected by parents. KidTime makes the phone into a good friend to the kids.

When you want the naughty kid to be quiet, give them phone is a good idea. How ever, they may mess up Settings, make unnecessary calls, delete important messages, or play games, watch Youtube for a long time, etc. Don’t worry, KidTime can solve all this problems by setting limited time and locking apps.

With KidTime, the phone can be changed into a good learning assistant. Add education apps and brain training apps in KidTime, kids can learn from the games about math, drawing, common sense.

Let the children have their own space and free to use apps for kids. In KidTime, they can find their own smartphone world with their curiosity.

1. Lock apps for kids
2. Protect important apps.
3. Set limited time
4. Password lock
5. Advanced protection, customized password
6. Set your favorite background

You can create a free and healthy play zone for your kid with KidTime.

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  • 1.01
  • Android 4.0.x - Ice Cream Sandwich (SDK: 14)
  • January 8, 2016
  • 238FDDCAC8E92C522478D550A31296B438898FA4
  • 9809bfc036d2debc0796ba96b4344a78
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10 recent comments of KidTime APK

Liam Cully

To exit the app. Slide down top notification bar and tap "stop/exit kidtime app", then, the time entered for the app to be active 'twice' will be correct password to end. ie.0505 or 125125 etc... Very simple to use.. no fuss. Not a single problem......... simular apps iv tried can b bit of hastle to setup/use, but not this one :-) happy safe family.... (no popup adverts,yay!)

jak lo

This app will make you cry ...after i install it to my phone and try it. It wont let me do nothing after it says time is up even doesnt let me to enter the end password i have applock but doesnt let do anything i had to do reset factory Setting to use my phone

Tiffany Caddell

I should've listened to the other reviews... Yes, I have AppLock & the advanced whatever. I've given everything permission & did everything I was supposed to & it WILL NOT SHUT OFF!! Even after shutting off my tablet & powering back on it POPS BACK UP AGAIN!! When it turns on I don't have time to uninstall or do much of anything, HELP ME!!!! My tablet is completely useless with this app installed!!

Hisham AlQadi

On my Samsung Note 10.1 it was terrible as it locked me out and I can now do nothing about it! I can't access any app, I can't uninstall, I can't get out or around this trap! I sent the developer an email but seemingly they couldn't care less!

Kayla Garmon

How do I get this horrible app off my phone!?!? I keep hitting the deactivate button and it's not working! It freezes up my phone. It shuts my phone down to where the screen turns black and won't cut back on until my phone has completely died, then if I'm lucky I won't have to wait for the time to run out after I charge my phone back up. Horrible! How do I get this app off my phone!!

Jonathan Ntoni

This app SUCKS!!... it just takes over your device and prevents you from exiting/disabling or even uninstalling. You'd NEED to factory reset [and lose all your personal data/files] even after you reboot to safe-mode to be able to get this app off your system. Ignore this review at your own risk.

Govind Vijay

After I had installed the app after given time I am not able to stop kidtime!!!!!I have to shut my tab and start it again to get out of it. My tab is micromax funbook P255.Reply me as soon as possible.

Drew Stuart Dupuy

I had not pot a password and now t can do nothing on my tab so I want to now how to get rid to it NOW and don't say uninstall it because I tryed so help me now f*** is there a f***ing over rit code

Rosario Reyna

This app sucked! It messed up my tablet. When the time was up it didn't let me out; I put my pin and it did nothing. I tried uninstalling but couldn't. I had to reset my tablet back to my factor settings.

Nya Ovie

When I let my friends hold my phone to take pics or something they always lurking thru my stuff like Facebook instagram etc..... but Yea it keeps them out of my stuff when I don't want them on my stuff

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