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The description KidTime Apk

KidTime lets children free to use the phone. In limited time, children can only open apps which are selected by parents. KidTime makes the phone into a good friend to the kids.

When you want the naughty kid to be quiet, give them phone is a good idea. How ever, they may mess up Settings, make unnecessary calls, delete important messages, or play games, watch Youtube for a long time, etc. Don’t worry, KidTime can solve all this problems by setting limited time and locking apps.

With KidTime, the phone can be changed into a good learning assistant. Add education apps and brain training apps in KidTime, kids can learn from the games about math, drawing, common sense.

Let the children have their own space and free to use apps for kids. In KidTime, they can find their own smartphone world with their curiosity.

1. Lock apps for kids
2. Protect important apps.
3. Set limited time
4. Password lock
5. Advanced protection, customized password
6. Set your favorite background

You can create a free and healthy play zone for your kid with KidTime.

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  • 1.01
  • Android 4.0.x - Ice Cream Sandwich (SDK: 14)
  • January 8, 2016
  • 238FDDCAC8E92C522478D550A31296B438898FA4
  • 9809bfc036d2debc0796ba96b4344a78
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10 recent comments of KidTime APK

Mac Vba

I'm dying. not able to use my phone as the screen gets locked immediately if I rebboot or do anything with never to return on the main screen. Please uninstall from there on my emai ID aligned mobile phone.


This app must be removed from the store .... It locked my kid's phone, it's not accepting my password and I can't remove it. Using the same password I removed appluck but this sucker is not going anywaher ... A very lame security design and policy ... And I'm told that to fix this, I have to reset to factury settings. Which means that my kid has to lose all of the data and game scores he had accumulated for the past years because of the incompetent developers and designers of DoMobile Lab. Supper!!

Jah nae

I can't get rid of this app


Basically took over my tablet after a timer and would not let me use the tablet again so I had to reset the tablet

Hannah King

Once installed yiu cant delete. It sucks. Foes nothing. Im so stupid for installing this stupid app

Ronan Dunne

Its ok to time is up then it dosent let you off it. It messed up my tablet.

Andrew Becker

I read the reviews and thought that maybe others were doing something wrong. Nope, this app is written poorly. I thought after the allotted time that I would just reboot and uninstall it because the exit kidtime does not allow you to put in the code. Nope, after a reboot I go into apps and try to uninstall, nope not an option then a few seconds after that, I get the kidtime window back up saying time is up. I cant figure out a way around it yet, but truly this app is one of the worst I have seen due to the improper coding thus disallowing you to stop the program or even uninstall it. Would love to know if someone else found a workaround to get it back off their Android. I do also have advanced security installed. I reboot my phone go into security under settings and administrators I tried to uncheck or deactivate KidTime, Advanced security and AppLock. None will deactivate, by that time KidTime comes back on the screen with "Time is up" message and it will not let me put in my password for that. My tablet is locked period because of this app. Please find a way to help me uninstall KidTime, thank you.

José Afonso

Rubbish! It is horrible yu can't uninstall it nonsense don't install it's going to ruin your phone

Brianna Tennard

I hate it when it saids times up it won't let me exit

Rosemarie Arcenal

When i opened the app i set the ein. To 5. 5 min.later I try to get out then i could not get out i even did my password and it did not work I HAD TO DO A factory RESTART FIX IT NOW OR I AM REPORTING

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