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KillerApp Advanced Task Killer

The description KillerApp Advanced Task Killer Apk

The easiest way to kill unwanted apps and have a faster phone with longer battery life!

Hello friends, here it is as per supporters request!

This has been updated to the latest Android SDK.

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- MCStealth -

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  • Android 2.2.x - Froyo (SDK: 8)
  • January 9, 2016
  • b478450c6aef37c676fc2bef4472ffa9
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10 recent comments of KillerApp Advanced Task Killer APK

Fred Garvin

I LOVED "Killer App Pro" until I got a Lollipop phone. Now it only shows that I've killed one app and then lists itself in the log. Same goes for this version.

carmen sierra

I WANTED TO LOVE YOU GUYS! However this app on s7edge nouget only ever found and terminated 1 app...itself. heartbroken I must uninstall. Sorry

Julia Ninetails

I didn't even need to configure anything, it killed all 30 of my running apps. It works better then expected, just needs a whitelist to keep needed apps, like droid optimizer

Floyd Luton

It killed just1 app on the phone. I didnt have that app. The ones I wanted to shut down are still runnimg.

A Google user

Great app by my absolute favorite app developer! I trust anything MC Stealth puts out & all just work ...and well!

Zack Conde'

One tap app and booyahh, all unnecessary background processes are terminated.

Don Brasz

So clean. So simple. So small. So clean! So effective. So efficient. So quick. SO fuggin easy, no directions needed. 1 click & done. So slim. So slimline. So out of the way. Totally unobtrusive. So nice. SO Freakin' CLEAN! Tnx dev. It's incredible tht after so far along android dev has already come, & with so SO many apps already published, by so many differ devs, that such a simple, CLEAN, well needed & effective app like this can still come along. Truly amazing job therr dev. U deserve more praise than I can give u. For that matter, U deserve MORE than just praises. May u find ur golden highway paved in golden apps for many miles to come. 2 thumbs up(deserves more but 2's all I have). 5 stars(deserves 10). Much appreciated(deserves PAID for) Installed on ALL 8 of my devices. We've got a keeper here boys!. Keep up the good work dev!

Matt Charman

Just doesn't work under Nougat. It can't see any other apps to kill them.

Rowin Guina

Its the best for other apps better than this

Johan Dorey-Venter

Not that I really know what it does, if in fact it really does anything, but I'm feeling generous.

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