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KIRI Engine - 3D Scanner APPLICATION description

Make your own 3D model from photos
Our KIRI Engine 3D scanning app can reconstruct real-life objects in 3D thanks to AI-based photogrammetry algorithms.

All you need to get a photo-real 3D scan is take at least 20 pics all around your object. KIRI Engine then processes the photos on our cloud servers (no need for a monster phone or PC) and outputs your 3D model.

🤌 In-app purchases? 🤌

"Free" app? It does seem too good to be true, when most apps charge you for each 3D scan export or access to certain file formats.

But you CAN use the app for free 🥳 and access all our available export options (STL, OBJ, PLY, FBX, and more). We only ask for an email address to create your account and send you your download links.

Of course, to support our growing team and pay for the servers that process your scans, we do offer in-app purchases. Either to get more exports (via coupons), or to get unlimited exports (via a Premium subscription).

See full Pricing breakdown here:
Isn't it the best freemium 3D scanning deal you've ever seen?! 😎

🙄 Queuing & processing times 🙄

Our servers process your scans on a first-come-first-serve basis. If many other users are uploading projects simultaneously, you'll need to wait a little more. Queuing should never last more than a couple hours (in the worst "3D scanning rush hour"), usually lasting only 15-20 min.

Then, our server needs to process your scans. It's doing calculation magic on dozens/hundreds of photos, and needs at least a few minutes to do that 😊

🚨 Before you scan 🚨

Photogrammetry works by identifying identical features in different photographs. This 3D scanning technology (in general) is challenged by certain types of surfaces:

👉 Dark surfaces are hard to capture because they are so dark; everything will look like a blob of black pixels to the algorithm, who won’t be able to generate a 3D geometry.

👉 Transparent surfaces are impossible to capture, the algorithm cannot comprehend or calculate transparency. Forget windows or anything with glass.

👉 Shiny or reflective surfaces: the algorithm doesn't know what a mirror is, or how to differentiate its reflection from the mirror’s actual surface. (E.g., If you take photos of a mirror, its reflection will look different depending on which angle you’re coming from.) Applies to anything that's too shiny, like metal, glossy finishes, etc.

👉 Objects that are too simple or smooth are challenging too, because the algorithm needs as many features as possible to compare between images. Take a plain ball: the surface looks the same from every angle, so the algorithm won’t understand which side(s) it’s looking at.

👉 Repetitive patterns, in the same essence as the previous point, are also hard to capture because the algorithm cannot distinguish what's what. Imagine a puzzle: if all the puzzle pieces look the same, how would you put it back together?

👉 Things that are too thin, like plant leaves, spikes, and so on.

So what DOES it work on?! Well, there are still lots of scannable objects! 🌈 You can 3D scan shoes, figurines, furniture, wood, toys, sculptures, ... It works ultra well on things with lots of non-repetitive details (like wood, stone, textiles, and so on).

Trial & error is the key to photogrammetry's heart. 💙 You're free to join our Discord and take a look at our community's 3D scans before you download the app!

Last important note: We generate the 3D model, you edit or animate it with your favorite software (KIRI Engine can't do it all yet 😛).

We have reached our character limit here - you can find more information in our FAQ ( or on Discord :) See you there!

PS. If you encounter any bugs or issues, and before you leave a low rating (super harmful for us 😞), please contact us directly. We usually respond in <24 hours and will do our max to help!
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