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Oda APPLICATION description

Oda is a fast-growing online grocery store that gives you more space for life!
Oda is a fast-growing online grocery store that gives you more space for life!

Choose from over 7000 different products, make your own shopping lists, and buy ingredients for recipes with a single click. Then, everything is delivered to your door with a smile. Just like that. Or, as we say in Norway: Sånn!

We work with local distributors and producers wherever we are in the world to deliver a wide range of products while keeping our prices low. We have a strong focus on sustainability and work hard to keep food waste to an absolute minimum.

Oda offers:

* Deliveries every day, starting at 0,-
* A wide range of products it’s hard to match in a single physical store
* Inspiration for hundreds of refreshingly varied everyday dinners that you can buy with one click
* Great prices! We consistently win price tests and comparisons with grocery stores in Norway
* A wide range of digital payment options

Always great prices

We don’t use big, expensive brick-and-mortar stores.
A typical Norwegian grocery store is between 700 and 1200 square meters and is usually in a prime location. That costs a lot of money, and we don’t want to pass on those unnecessary costs to you. Instead, we have a huge warehouse outside the city that has much lower overheads.
*Doing your grocery shopping online means big savings for us and for you.*

Always fantastic quality

The perfect temperature

Fruit and vegetables don’t really do well sitting on display in a store.
At Oda, we store and pack our fruits and vegetables in optimized conditions without people touching, squeezing and handling them they way they do in stores. Everything is packed and transported in separate temperature zones, keeping your entire order at the perfect temperature all the way to your door.

Fresher than in the store

Our extremely high turnover means that fruit and vegetables are only with us for a few hours before they get to you, which means your groceries are always super fresh. We guarantee it!

That’s why our customers keep coming back. We’re proud to say that Oda sells the most fruit and vegetables, in terms of turnover, in all of Norway.

Always a huge selection

Everything in one place

When the big chains add a new product to their range, they have to transport it to hundreds of stores and will probably have to replace something else to fit it on their shelves.
Our warehouse has room for thousands of items - including special items from suppliers that ordinary shops can’t justify making space for. Our low overheads allow us to offer a wide selection without passing costs on to you. That way, you can browse through thousands of items every day - you can even suggest products we don’t have in our catalog yet! We’re always expanding our range and we often use suggestions from customers in our choices.

A fresh food counter in your pocket

We cooperate with both large and small suppliers to give you a selection few other grocery stores can match. Our very own bakery offers organic baked goods made to order (which means less waste!), we always have fresh fish and seafood of the highest quality, while local butchers offer top notch meat and sausages - even ox tail, if that’s what you feel like!
We prepare some of these items especially for your particular order, which means they’re not sitting in a warehouse or out on display, they come straight to you.

Always fast and always inspiring

Most Norwegians spend an hour or more every week just squeezing between cramped shelves to find and collect their groceries. It doesn’t have to be that way.
When you shop with Oda, we do all the tedious work for you so that you can spend more time doing things you enjoy much more than wandering around a grocery store.

Welcome to a life with more space to live!
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