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Kurviger Pro - Motorcycle NaviKurviger Pro - Motorcycle NaviKurviger Pro - Motorcycle NaviKurviger Pro - Motorcycle NaviKurviger Pro - Motorcycle NaviKurviger Pro - Motorcycle Navi

The description Kurviger Pro - Motorcycle Navi Apk

Kurviger is a motorcycle route planner that prefers curves and slopes, while avoiding cities and highways. Find awesome backcountry roads that are great fun to ride on. Spend your time riding, not planning. We hope you will enjoy the Kurviger App as much as we do!

Create an awesome motorcycle trip with ease.
Use the classic route planning approach to find good fun from A to B. Find new roads with the round trip feature. Let us take care of the planning, specify your start and distance and we will come up with a nice round trip.

Find the curviest road between you and your destination.
You can choose between the fast, curvy, and extra curvy option to find the route that best suits your needs. If you are in a hurry, skip the detour with the fastest option, but still enjoy some curvy roads. With the curvy option, you ride on awesome twisted backcountry roads away from the cities. If you are looking for smaller roads with a lot of curves, choose the extra curvy option.

Adjust the route to your riding style.
Kurviger offers you a lot of different options to change the route to your preferred riding style. Choose between the fastest, curvy, and extra curvy route. You can avoid ferries, toll roads, motorways, narrow roads, main roads, or unpaved roads to further fine-tune the route.

Only two permissions are required: location permission for route planning/navigation from your location and storage permission for opening offline maps and import/export of GPX files.

Free version:
Enjoy the famous curvy routes of Kurviger in an app. The free version offers you all features that you already love, in a mobile-friendly version.
Additionally, it provides you a “Follow location” mode, that keeps your current location in the center of the map. This allows a basic way of navigating along the calculated route.
If you are looking for a full-featured navigation solution, have a look at our Pro version.

Pro version:
Enjoy curvy navigation everywhere in the world. Kurviger Pro notifies you of every turn. You can download offline maps so you can continue navigating without internet access. The detailed benefits of the Pro version are:
- Offline maps
- Turn-by-turn voice navigation
- Postcode search
- Show fastest, curvy and extra curvy routing at once
- Longer round trips (1000km / 600mi)
- Show multiple round trips at once
- Alternative routes
- Hillshading (see the outlines of hills and mountains)
- No ads

Website: https://kurviger.de/en
Documentation: https://docs.kurviger.de
Forum: https://groups.google.com/group/kurviger

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10 recent comments of Kurviger Pro - Motorcycle Navi APK


Richard Emerson

Curves in real time! Kurviger Pro has all of the features in Kurviger, but adds more options, longer round trips, and real time voice guidance. This is the "find me curves" app we've been dreaming of. And it's here now!

Rene Bartodziej

This is definitely the best app of its kind that I have used so far. Great work. Keep it up.

Hypnotic Gnome

Hello, I like the app, however I live in Thailand and the online maps have all the street name displayed in Thai alphabet only . I update my previous review because the developper helped me to set the street names in English using the offline maps. I wrote to the kurviger forum and got a reply a few hours later which is not often the case when you have issue on an app, so give 2 star more as my problem is fixed and the suport is efficient and friendly:-) Keep up the good work!!! Thanks

Ales Misura

Hello guys, could you provide text file, so I could make a slovak translations to menus? Otherwise app is pretty good considering price/value ratio and your determination to make it even better.

Joran Poortstra

Great app! Would be even better if you could set time besides distance in the round trip function :)


Well, offline map doesn't work as I would expect. It is not positive to do any simple offline planing. If you do the planning online and then switch to offline and your location is not as planned then you are lost. Calimoto is more friendly and works.

Ioana Cutcutache

The app has some very useful features, however there's a big downside - it doesn't reduce the music volume when giving the navigation instructions which makes it impossible to hear them while listening to music. All other navigation apps can do this, so I really hope you guys can add this feature very soon!

A Google user

Great app so far. Would love to see a track/log function as well (after finishing your route).

A Google user

Using OsmAnd and Google maps as well, and have tried many other navigation apps, but Kurviger is now used more than 90% of the time for road bike (bicycle) and motorbike. It should be marketed to people riding road bikes as well since it's the best and easiest app out there for creating and following fun and demanding routes.

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