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  • 1.0
  • Android 4.0.x - Ice Cream Sandwich
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LG V10 Hidden Settings No RootLG V10 Hidden Settings No RootLG V10 Hidden Settings No RootLG V10 Hidden Settings No Root

The description LG V10 Hidden Settings No Root Apk

★ This app enables the use of your LG V10's hidden settings, such as:
✓ Quick Info (Beautiful dashboard of your phone with battery info, RAM, connections, data usage...).
✓ Mobile Network Mode (Switch network mode GSM/WCDMA/LTE).
✓ Secret Gallery (Built-in app that locks/unlocks your photos and videos).
✓ Device Status.
✓ KnockOn Switch (Turn on/off double-tap feature).
✓ Access Lock (Allow or prevent access features for selected app).
✓ Usage Statistics (Usage time info of specific app).
✓ Battery Condition.
✓ Battery Info.
✓ Power-up Tone.
✓ Screen Mode.
✓ Import contacts from SIM to phone.
✓ Export contacts from phone to SIM.
✓ One-handed Settings.
✓ Quick Launch.

★ Other features:
✓ Create shortcut for usual setting.
✓ No root needed.
✓ Totally FREE!
✓ No ads!

★ Attention: This app is ONLY intended to be used on the LG V10 phones. All hidden settings tested on LG-F600S model but we can't guarantee on other LG V10 models. Please use this app at your own risk! We're not responsible for any damage done to your device!

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  • 1.0
  • Android 4.0.x - Ice Cream Sandwich (SDK: 14)
  • December 22, 2016
  • ab9b3c6dd24cfdebb4910cf115055574
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10 recent comments of LG V10 Hidden Settings No Root APK

C *

It's amaZing they would hide these settings! Thank you for bringing the ability to access settings needed by the OWNERS of the Lg V10. Such a setting that's vital is the ability to switch between networks! I'm curious why there isn't a wifi-calling setting? AT&T says you can use this phone for that, yet there is no setting (Visible). Have any suggestions?

Eric Potter

Half of these secrets work on my rooted G Pad V410. Probably the better half. :-D Pretty dumb that they're hidden. Would only make me want it more. Very, very nice app. Thank you! I want these settings permanently! Fix it NOW!!! LOL :-P

Arthur Y.

Thank you so much dev! Other app have failed recently with the 6.0 update on LG G4 so I couldn't access the KnockON settings to turn it off after I wiped my phone. I took a chance with this app and was able to access this hidden menu. If Hidden Android Settings and Activities Launcher doesn't work on your LG, this may be the app you are looking for.

Danielle Lovely

Awesome! This is the only app I've found that lets me manually select the network mode on my LG G5 (it is hidden from the settings menu and disabled in the "secret" menu as well. Carrier AT&T, running Android 7.0). My LTE coverage is terrible but the phone insisted on always staying on that network, in spite of extremely poor call quality. Now I can force it to use CDMA or even GSM for best call quality. Thank you so much!


Device - LG G4 Android - 6.0 Carrier - AT&T. This is the only application that allowed me to disable LTE without root, simply by gaining access to the stock Mobile Networks section of settings. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. This is the first review I have written for the store and I absolutely had to write it. Thanks to this app my battery life has sky rocketed. I don't use mobile data much to begin with, and I couldn't care less if it takes my phone an extra second or two to load a website. THANK YOU.

A Google user

Since the setup was the same, I figured that it would work as well. Installed it, booted it up, and everything worked. I didn't know there was a start up tone! Very nice!

Jasminder Virk

If you have phone like lg g5 or any other that phone is imported from other region. And there incoming call problem than you can fix with this software I love this software because it solve my Major issue

Patrick Kyei

Cool app. Just unlocked the network switch mode to enable GSM only to save battery which are mostly not configurable in network locked devices like at&t smartphones. Thumbs up ?

Darrel Froman

I just installed this on my LG V20 (H910) AT&T and it worked just fine, I even found two settings I wasn't aware of. There was 4 settings not available , but kudos to the developers!

Ziggy McCroy

Works on LG LS770, except for the Quick Launch. I don't notice any difference when adjusting Screen Mode but that's to be expected. Nice looking App, good job!

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