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Developer PlaceMask
Category Apps, Tools
Package Name com.placemask.android
OS 2.2 and up

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Control over personal information is your universal human right and PlaceMask Location Privacy for Android™ assists you in maintaining location privacy against threats accessing your GPS and Network location (e.g. location-based advertising and profiling apps).

We are focused on delivering technologies that reduce location leakage from on-board GPS and Wireless Network location sources to protect your privacy. Your mobile carrier may still know where you are (roughly) but the applications on your device will not. If you want to anonymize your IP address, consider also using a proxy.

We also recognize a number of other uses for this technology when combined with your location-based apps (e.g. including virtual tourism and misrepresentation).

You will find this a useful companion to: Angry Birds and Carrier IQ (privacy), Wikitude and Google Places (tourism), or Facebook and Foursquare (spoofing).

To learn more about the ways your location is determined and what you can do to stop it, please visit our website at http://www.PlaceMask.com

• Three privacy settings (minimum, medium, maximum) that monitor settings, replace real location, and randomize movement to enhance privacy
• Scans applications on your device and reports those that use your location with context menu convenience functions
• Provides a status view of your "current" location and the policies in force
• Runs as a resident service that always watches for location leakage
• Easy unmasking to use real location when you need it (e.g. simply tap the PlaceMask to start and stop)
• Remote control through SMS to start or stop service (e.g. for use with Phone Finders)

N.B. UNINSTALL PlaceMask Location Privacy TRIAL before running this standard version

Activate PlaceMask service at the medium privacy level then switch to another location-based app to view your device in a new location.

PlaceMask Location Privacy for Android™ is an application that protects your location privacy. It monitors the location settings of your device and provides replacement locations to the other applications to enhance your privacy. You may view the current status of the application through key settings overlaid onto a map view. You may access a list of alerts related to the operation of the application or retrieve a report of all the applications on your device that use your location in some way. The settings in PlaceMask Location Privacy allow you to adjust application parameters like privacy levels. You may find general information about the application, its license, and its authors in the about dialog. And of course, we have provided an easy way for you to recommend PlaceMask Location Privacy to a friend or colleague by launching a text message from the application.

You are the most important part of this software and we believe usability is a key attribute to its success. If you find anything that you do not understand or is difficult to learn, remember, or use efficiently - please let us know. Your satisfaction is our objective.

Comments in the Market are not the most effective way to get support (but we love great reviews!). If you have an issue, please send a report to [email protected] with the following information: summary of problem, platform description, expected behavior, observed behavior, and steps to reproduce the problem. If we are not able to satisfactorily address your issue, we are happy to provide a refund.

Software Products that assist you in preserving privacy are important to maintaining personal freedom. Please help us make this product a success by purchasing it, using it, recommending it, and being a champion for location privacy in your community.

For more information about application features and benefits, visit www.PlaceMask.com
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