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Ludo Online (Mr Ludo)Ludo Online (Mr Ludo)Ludo Online (Mr Ludo)Ludo Online (Mr Ludo)Ludo Online (Mr Ludo)Ludo Online (Mr Ludo)Ludo Online (Mr Ludo)Ludo Online (Mr Ludo)Ludo Online (Mr Ludo)Ludo Online (Mr Ludo)Ludo Online (Mr Ludo)Ludo Online (Mr Ludo)Ludo Online (Mr Ludo)Ludo Online (Mr Ludo)Ludo Online (Mr Ludo)Ludo Online (Mr Ludo)Ludo Online (Mr Ludo)

The description Ludo Online (Mr Ludo) Apk

Your favorite board game Ludo, aka Pachisi (also known as Parcheesi & Cross and Circle), is here and that too in a ravishing Multiplayer 3D Avatar!

Simply beat your friends and earn the coins to cheat!

Key Features:

• Play against friends - Interactive, real-time online play for up to 4 players, in any location!
• VIP status – to cheat your way out with a six on the dice!
• Leaderboards that track your career progress, both globally and against your Facebook friends.
• Additional Express Mode – to play if you are in a hurry or over a short lunch break J.
• Offline Mode – to play on the same device or against the CPU!
• Super-emoticons – yes, emoticons that express all your frustrations and joys of the game!
• Six vastly different environments, ranging from tropical islands to wacky outer space.
• Super connectivity – works on 3G & WiFi – and allows you to resume in case your connection breaks in between.

So what are you waiting for – start rolling the dice and enjoy this Royal Game of India - your favorite 3D Multiplayer Ludo Game and re-live the Pachisi days! This is the only multiplayer ludo game out there!

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  • 1.7.23
  • Android 4.4 - KitKat (SDK: 19)
  • August 17, 2018
  • 021DC633EBAB6C80D78563F2BF1F6705F9630482
  • 3e64df6423f749fdaf7a3047361199f7
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  • 1.7.1
  • Android 3.0 - Honeycomb (SDK: 11)
  • May 31, 2017
  • 021DC633EBAB6C80D78563F2BF1F6705F9630482
  • d88c7b409484b34d76dd5d5ca6bd66b5
  • Skip turn option added in, Step counter so special-skills can be acquired during game play, communication issues fixed.
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  • 1.6.71
  • Android 3.0 - Honeycomb (SDK: 11)
  • December 21, 2016
  • 021DC633EBAB6C80D78563F2BF1F6705F9630482
  • 0f4ad3a152ac0364a04455b3711b9185
  • Google Play issues fixed, SDKs updated
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  • 1.6.7
  • Android 3.0 - Honeycomb (SDK: 11)
  • September 15, 2016
  • 021DC633EBAB6C80D78563F2BF1F6705F9630482
  • 5e473d406266b54552761d9498337e7c
  • communication issues solved, minor bugs fixed, SDKs updated
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  • 1.6.3
  • Android 3.0 - Honeycomb (SDK: 11)
  • August 14, 2016
  • 021DC633EBAB6C80D78563F2BF1F6705F9630482
  • d860a82c44925f8b031d10440f4a9a31
  • facebook sdk updated, minor communication issues solved.
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  • 1.5.5
  • Android 3.0 - Honeycomb (SDK: 11)
  • March 2, 2016
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  • 1.5.3
  • Android 3.0 - Honeycomb (SDK: 11)
  • January 19, 2016
  • 5e05f9a110982d398f33b9420fcc3acf
  • Facebook login process improved, Google Play account for playing online, communication issues fixed, minor bugs fixed.
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  • 1.5.1
  • Android 3.0 - Honeycomb (SDK: 11)
  • January 9, 2016
  • 589368ccc8518b4d76549d5b4a9ed970
  • Google Play fully integrated, communication improvements, minor issues fixed, compatible with latest devices
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  • 1.4.61
  • Android 3.0 - Honeycomb (SDK: 11)
  • January 9, 2016
  • 021DC633EBAB6C80D78563F2BF1F6705F9630482
  • ee5fb4940c33effd42f9dab84c254424
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10 recent comments of Ludo Online (Mr Ludo) APK

sourabh mategaonkar

Even when I'm connected to the Internet it can't connect to my Facebook nor Google play account. Very poor.

Sabbir Ahmed

In this game anyone of the opponents get whatever they want, they always wins the situation. I'm not biased for too many defeats, i won many. But it's true. The game gets slower with time, allowing you very less count down time for a consecutive roll

Abdullah Alsaeed

I paid for coins and never received them and contacted thier support center through email twice but no response I need my money back and shall raise the issue to Google Play

Yasir Yasee

While playing game gets too slow even dice out of control. I am using 4g network but why it happened???

Cheryl A

Connection problems!!! It won't connect to FB or Google Play account or the other basic connection!!!? Please fix it. Thank you!? Update!!! Thanks for fixing the issue above.? Only problem I have now is, when I'm playing with the Lu-bots Express Game, why do they always flip a 6, 4 and 5'x throughout the game!?!? I'm lucky if I flip a 6, 2 or 3'x... It should be called CHEAT-BOTS instead of Lu-Bots, especially the cheating RED BOTS.???????

Reem Ghareeb

I lost all my experience due to connection problems because I had to uninstall and reinstall the app!

Raj Singh

It won't let me get in my fb Google or basic seriously what is going on .. this has never happened seriously can ubfix this asap

A Google user

Pay to play ... Ludo ? No wonder its been hacked. Download free mod apk Mr ludo hack. Then you can play.

Cathie Ng

It's all fine until you purchased coins. Then every games played are jammed. The colours not changed and therefore not able yo play.purchased coins to watch computer play?! I'm finally submitting here because it's consistent for EVRRY GAME. It's hard not to wonder if it's intentional to lose coins this way so we lose all coins purchased. PLEASE ADVISE.

Ismail Sanjrani

Some time its becomes slow during match. And coins are being misplace i lost 10 million coins without a reason.

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