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The description MAGICAR SMART Apk


Magicar Smart is a product that can be used for automobile, smart start and vehicle control in close range by using BLE communication with a vehicle equipped with a MagiCar System, and must have a MagiCar System and a BLE dongle installed in the vehicle.

* Main features

1. Auto door function is provided.

2. Provide smart start function.

3. It is possible to control the vehicle at relatively short distance with BLE communication.

4. If an alarm such as theft or shock occurs, the information is transmitted to the smartphone.

5. It is easy to understand and set the condition of the vehicle more easily as well as the functions provided by existing alarms.

* main function

1. Remote
- Icons are placed to let you know the status of the vehicle boundary, boundary release, door opening, trunk opening, engine status, panic.
- You can use the buttons to control the vehicle such as remote start, vehicle boundary, demarcation, trunk, siren.

2. Setting the vehicle function
- Shock detection, function stop, automatic door lock during driving, automatic boundary, low voltage start, turbo function, siren, remote start hold time, preheat time setting
- The above functions may be changed depending on the Magic Car system.

3. Preferences
- You can turn ON / OFF the AUX button (sunroof, electric seat, rearview mirror control) provided by the remote function.
- You can set the alert sound / vibration.

4. Change your registration information
- You can initialize and re-register the first registered Bluetooth dongle.

5. Auto Door Distance Setting
- It shows the sensitivity of the dongle installed on the vehicle and the smartphone. You can set the auto door distance by setting the sensitivity of the distance that the driver wants

7. Smart Startup
- You can set the start time for today, tomorrow, and week.
- At that time, the car can be remotely started when approaching the car.
- If the time reaches 30 minutes, the corresponding Smart Start will not work.

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  • 1.0.0
  • Android 6.x - Marshmallow (SDK: 23)
  • March 14, 2019
  • D519B001E295815DCFE1801109691A8E1D3422CA
  • b6096ed077ee99f1a65da88cb3d78728
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