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OS 5.0

Manzel APPLICATION description

it is a long-distance carpooling and cargo pooling service provider
Manzel - "Aap ki har Manzel ab hy hamari Manzel" - it is a long-distance carpooling and cargo pooling service provider, connecting Passengers & drivers

How it will work

Using shared resources at a cost-saving model instead of earning model , Manzel App will help travellers to share their journey costs. Means if you are private vehicle owner and travelling to other cities for your own work, or for any reason and would like to save or share your travel cost you may take passengers and/or cargo with you.

Drivers who wish to work with Manzel, just need to register on App, submit their ID , license, and Vehicle registration documents which will be passed through an automatic approval process. Once documents are verified and approved , they can post their travel plans which will be found by passengers going on your route on that particular date and time.

And if you are passenger and frequently travel by buses and taking pain of rides with taxis and rickshaw, also faving waiting time at bus terminals, now at same that price you can find any vehicle/person going on same route, you may send them request to accept you as passenger. Vehicle will pick you from your origin place and will drop you at your destination, charging per KM , per seat.

All those passengers who wish to find rides on our App, just need to register as passenger and find rides for their routes, if found any, just send request to that driver and wait for acceptance. Once accepted by driver, he will pick you from your place on travel date and time.

Economic and Social Impact

This will save congestion on roads, there will be less pollution as more people in fewer cars, less use of buses leaving green environment, less burden on government in terms of less fuel import and ultimately reduced prices for travel and sending cargo maintaining passengers comfort level

Features of the App

- Per KM , Per seat Billing
- Passengers will not have to take the pain of going to bus terminals and wait for the bus, saving taxi fare and waiting time
- Drivers going on the same route will save travel cost and make new friends
- Govt will save from less fuel consumption, low pollution, less congestion on roads, fewer needs of new roads, less burden on import of heavy vehicles and fuel
- Cargo sender will save from reduced prices because of the shared resources model
- Social and business Networking on the go
- loyalty Miles
- Shopping and discount vouchers on the go
- charging passengers on per km per seat basis
- onboard shopping in partnership with different brands related to food and clothing, fashion, and other accessories
- loyalty points for different brands
- for cargo air travel space sharing
- for cargo and courier including eCommerce seller and managing their cash on delivery cash management

Our Active Cities are

Lahore, Islamabad, Karachi, Hyderabad, Multan, Sahiwal, Sialkot, Gujranwala and Faisalabad

Have Questions?

In case you have any further questions, or need help you can drop us an email at

[email protected]
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