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Metronome Beats ProMetronome Beats ProMetronome Beats ProMetronome Beats ProMetronome Beats ProMetronome Beats ProMetronome Beats ProMetronome Beats ProMetronome Beats Pro

The description Metronome Beats Pro Apk

The same great metronome as Metronome Beats but with additional features and no adverts!. In addition to a comprehensive metronome and speed trainer, Metronome Beats Pro also has a “Live Mode’ feature which allows you to create setlists of songs and play through these one by one – useful for solo and group practice as well as playing live on stage. You can also set beat and bar counters, and select from a range of different sound types.

Metronome Beats Pro is not only useful for practicing and playing musical instruments: people also use it to keep a steady tempo during exercise, golf putting practice, dancing, and many other activities.

Metronome Beats is simple to use. On smaller devices set the number of beats per bar and how you’d like the beat subdivided on the Settings screen. When you start the metronome it switches to the Practice screen, with its visual beat indicators. The practice screen has controls for easily increasing and decreasing the tempo in small increments, so you can start slow and build up your speed with one touch of the screen. On larger devices all of these features can be reached on one handy screen using the new Tablet layout.

Exclusive to Pro version:
- no adverts
- beat and bar counters
- save your settings as presets
- organise your favourite songs in to setlists and play through these in “Live” mode
Features also include:
- Select from a range of sound types (wooden claves, traditional tick, cowbell, etc)
- Separate layout for larger devices
- Select any tempo from 1 to 300 beats per minute.
- Don’t know how many beats per minute you need? Then use the tap tempo button to select a tempo.
- Displays Italian tempo markings (Allegro, Andante, etc) – handy if you’re not sure how fast Vivace should be.
- Change the pitch of the sound to make the metronome easier to hear over your instrument.
- Subdivide the beat with up to 8 clicks per beat – so you can practice the timing of your triplets.
- Choose whether to accent the first beat of the bar.
- Visual beat indication - mute the sound and use the visualisations to follow the beat.
- The metronome automatically stops playing when there is an incoming call.
- Your settings are saved automatically on exit – so you can carry on where you left off next time you play.
- The metronome keeps running when the screen is locked
- set the metronome to stop playing after a certain number of bars

For more help with using Metronome Beats, see our blog posts:

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10 recent comments of Metronome Beats Pro APK

Amber Knowland

Awesome app for on stage click track. Love it!

A Google user

Wicked app for DJs. I use the tap function to double check the BPM of songs because even the best DJ software sometimes makes mistakes. A must have for drummers for practice pad to keep the timing tight.

Richard McCulloch

Works well. Like the tap tempo feature.

Liam Bowden

I use this app daily in my guitar practice routine. Never had a problem with it. Great app!

Mike Crowl

Really like this app but it could do with the first beat off the bar having a more distinct sound than the other beats

Vaughn Ripley

Got this for my son to practice drums. Now my daughter uses it for piano, and I for guitar. This app is robust and user friendly. Fantastic!

Chi-Sun Chan

Really great app and very practical! No complaints! Highly recommend!

Fadi Chlah

Just starting I don't have any experience with other metronome yet

A Google user

It is great !

Collin de Souza

A very good metronome Very satisfied with it

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