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MINI Connected ClassicMINI Connected ClassicMINI Connected ClassicMINI Connected ClassicMINI Connected ClassicMINI Connected Classic

The description MINI Connected Classic Apk

Immerse yourself in the revolutionary world of MINI automobile infotainment - with ""MINI Connected"". The unique connectivity of driver, MINI and the online universe enhances the typical MINI driving experience even more.
All you need is a 3rd generation* MINI featuring the ""MINI Connected"" option.

Simply connect up your smartphone to the USB port of your MINI to experience the various functions of the app - with the help of the MINI Controller, the high-resolution display and the audio system of your car.
Information on the compatibility of end devices and further details can be found at


Displays the latest status messages, personal favourites or community trends in the car. It also allows the sending of predefined text messages that can access vehicle information while driving.

Displays calendar entries in the car and lets you phone the subscriber, if required. It also lets you listen to vocalised details of appointments over the car audio system. Addresses stored in the calendar can also be transferred directly to the optional navigation system as destinations.

With this feature, you have constant and immediate access to the latest news from your RSS News Feeds subscription.

Audio player
This feature ensures that you can also access the music library stored on your smartphone at any time when using the MINI Connected app.
*MINI Hatch (from production date November 2013). Not MINI Clubman, MINI Convertible, MINI Roadster, MINI Coupé, MINI Countryman, MINI Paceman.

Requirements and tips

User registration is required before activating the app for use.
Several functions are only available when the end device is connected to a MINI with the ""MINI Connected"" option. The range of features and functions may differ from version to version and country to country. As selected functions are dependent on connections to third party providers, it is possible that they may not be available at all times and in the same form.
A broadband connection is required. Any extra costs resulting from this (e.g. roaming charges) are a part of the customer's contract with the network provider. Please also take care to observe country-specific preconditions and requirements. Limited functionality may be experienced as a result of insufficient bandwidth or volume-based bandwidth limitation (bandwidth capping) on the part of the network provider.
As a result of this, MINI can provide no guarantee for the unlimited compatibility and functionality of your mobile device when connected with the vehicle interface.

This app requires, amongst other things, the following Android permissions:
Read calendar:
to display the calendar in the car.
Read contacts:
to call subscribers registered in the calendar.
Write to memory:
to store data
to read the Bluetooth address to enable trouble-free, USB audio communication with the car.
Prevent standby mode:
for trouble-free USB communication.

Further details can be found in the privacy policy statement for the app.

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  • 1.1.3 (row_160214_449)
  • Android 4.2.x - Jelly Bean (SDK: 17)
  • July 30, 2017
  • 1C19658715BC95AC331535E4DEAC3DB5D8882251
  • f5cc79f6f1d8099f4f362efcbd64bfca
  • Bugfixes
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10 recent comments of MINI Connected Classic APK

Gav Stickney

This app is terrible. When I purchased my clubman sd I was shown this great app. Only problem was it was shown on Apple ios. I have complained and mini have given me a £250 credit towards mini accessories or service (that is what the star is for). They did say they are looking into 'developing it'.

Joon Suan Tan

My 2015 Mini Countryman S can't even do Bluetooth music streaming from my Galaxy S7 edge Android phone, and even plugging in to USB doesn't recognize any music files stored in my phone. Really sloppy work here on the app. Even my 2011 BMW E90 iDrive worked flawlessly. To think both BMW and Mini are from the same group.

Phoebe A.

All it does is make charging my phone via the usb socket impossible, as plugging it in disconnects my bluetooth and this stupid app doesn't support Spotify or even Google play music. It has a music player of sorts but it only recognises music files on the physical phone - cloud storage doesn't work, even tracks on my phone's SD card don't show up. This kind of laziness is not what I expected from BMW/Mini. Waste of play store real estate. Wish I could give 0 stars.

Stewart Dunn

As others have said,this is so bad its untrue. Actually,Bluetooth is so hit and miss,thats part of the problem. The fact I need to plug this in does my head in,why isnt it all connectionless? Cant play anything music wise so why BMW built this,or dont put any real effort into it,for a global brand,is beyond me.

Jane Cooper

Would be a great app if it does what it says but unfortunately after wasting a lot of time it still doesn't work. Followed all instructions, phone is compatible but zilch. Disappointed that Mini appears not to have taken any notice of comments here.

Sarah Benstead

For an expensive car and media pack, I would have expected better from MINI. I've tried LG g3, Samsung s6 and s7 and none have connected. It says online that the LG phone is compatible, but still no luck. Why say online that it works, when it clearly doesn't? All I'm trying to do is play Spotify through mini connected..surely its not that hard. MINI say it's only compatible with iPhones, which is really stupid..especially when a lot of people have android. It should be able to work on all latest phones.

Allen Gardener-Haig

Used to be brilliant. Now so basic its it's a waste of time and the £1400 spent on the XL system for my MINI is a VERY expensive mistake. No more Spotify integration?? Ridiculous

Blackbird Official

I'm amazed that a company as MASSIVE as BMW (MINI) would advocate such a horrifically cobbled together app. Not only is this blatantly made by a third party developer, but the fact that BMW are charging for it is disgusting. I cannot get this app to work in conjuction with the Media XL Pack in my MINI whatsoever, it drops the connection constantly and the need for a USB completely goes against the wireless functionality that this is based on. Awful.

Stuart Bull

It says it is suitable for android but only by USB not Bluetooth. Once connected I'm no better off than I was before I installed the app. Very disappointed.

Luis M. del Angel

Can't use Spotify on my brand new Mini with my new Galaxy S8, I was able to do that with my iPhone. Guess I'll have to change my car because I'm not going back to iPhone. Lame app.

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