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Missed Call Deluxe

The description Missed Call Deluxe Apk

Whenever you miss a call, a SMS/MMS, or a voicemail, this app will create a recurring alarm.

- Create different alerts for different contacts
- SMS/MMS designed for built-in SMS app; may not work with 3rd party apps.
- Cancel the alert by simply clearing the notification or by viewing the missed call. (With ICS, be sure to "clear all" notifications! If you just swipe the missed call one, it will be missed)
- Doesn't drain battery!
- Won't work with visual voicemail or other custom voicemail applications, such as the Evo4G

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  • 2.0
  • Android 1.5 - Cupcake (SDK: 3)
  • March 18, 2018
  • D3FAC4FA586178B1055426BEFF51DBEA7834C1D5
  • b56c5f4521e715c3fb2593ccf3552677
  • - Fix a few crashes
    - Redo UI to allow different configs for SMS, calls, VM
    - More vibrate patterns
    - Custom times for delays
    - More sound/vibrate options
    - LED colors (only works on some phones)
    - Custom volume levels for each alert
    - Sleep times (alerts diabled while you sleep!)
    - Global enable/disable button (sorry, still no widget!)
    - Choose sender from recent MMS
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10 recent comments of Missed Call Deluxe APK

Steve Evans

No delayed activation on version 2. Had to revert to version 1 to get this back. 5 stars for version 1, only 2 stars for version 2 as no delayed activation is annoying.

A Google User

Recently got my first smart phone, after years of using a flip phone. I couldn't believe that there was no missed messages reminder or alert on this droid phone. Had to constantly open the screen to see if any messages had come through. I consider a missed call alarm, a basic function of any cell phone. Purchased this app. and I love it. No more missed messages. Although I love the being able to customize it somewhat. I would like to be able to add my own costume ringtone/sound for reminders. Also I would like to be able to set the volume for reminders, giving the option to override whatever the volume level is to go to max.

A Google User

Works most of the time but not always.

A Google User

It's unbelievable, but the Droid smartphones really blow when it comes to simple features for cell phones that have been embodied in simpler cell phones for many years now. Like the missed call beep -- not there. You really need this app to complete the purchase of your Droid smartphone.

A Google User

Used to work great on my original Droid. Doesn't work on my Droid 3.

A Google User

Not very dependable. Missed Call Reminder is MUCH better.

A Google User

Works well for it's purpose. A nicer icon would be nicer ;-) And a one touch widget to activate or de activate all reminders be nice too.

A Google User

On Thunderbolt when missed message flasher failed...ty

A Google User

This is the best app!! Voicemail, missed call and text alerts all works great! Where has this been all my life?

A Google User

Excellent, just what I needed as I never used to check my phone, now I get reminded

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