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Missed Call Deluxe

The description Missed Call Deluxe Apk

Whenever you miss a call, a SMS/MMS, or a voicemail, this app will create a recurring alarm.

- Create different alerts for different contacts
- SMS/MMS designed for built-in SMS app; may not work with 3rd party apps.
- Cancel the alert by simply clearing the notification or by viewing the missed call. (With ICS, be sure to "clear all" notifications! If you just swipe the missed call one, it will be missed)
- Doesn't drain battery!
- Won't work with visual voicemail or other custom voicemail applications, such as the Evo4G

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  • 2.0
  • Android 1.5 - Cupcake (SDK: 3)
  • March 18, 2018
  • D3FAC4FA586178B1055426BEFF51DBEA7834C1D5
  • b56c5f4521e715c3fb2593ccf3552677
  • - Fix a few crashes
    - Redo UI to allow different configs for SMS, calls, VM
    - More vibrate patterns
    - Custom times for delays
    - More sound/vibrate options
    - LED colors (only works on some phones)
    - Custom volume levels for each alert
    - Sleep times (alerts diabled while you sleep!)
    - Global enable/disable button (sorry, still no widget!)
    - Choose sender from recent MMS
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10 recent comments of Missed Call Deluxe APK

Ashley K

This worked perfectly on every droid I've had, even the colored LEDs (except my Thunderbolt that didn't support colors). Today I got updated to KitKat and now it won't recognize the ringtones. They just come up as numbers. Maybe an update for KitKat users?

Tony Mitchell

I tried them all. Says what it does. Does what it says. No B.S. no ads, works as it should. Would like a few more settings like: Time on or Time off. If I get a voicemail at 2AM, it don't stop (which is what I want during work hours). But this is the only one that works, so 5 Stars. THANK YOU!

A Google user

This app is really nice. Whenever I miss a call, VM, or text message this app provides a variety of alerts over a user-set time-frame. I use this phone in a high-pressure work-environment and I must respond quickly to calls and text-messages. So I can't afford to "miss" a call. I have it emit a simple "beep" every 30 seconds after an event. Can even set the beep to occur if the phone is set to silent. I've had this installed for about 6 months. My Droid Razr just upgraded to Ice Cream Sandwich and I've had absolutely no problems. All functions work well and as expected. This functionality should really be part of the base phone/OS... but since it isn't, I recommend this app with no reservations.

Steve Rogers

This app used to work before kit kat. Now it crashes all the time. I had to uninstall it do to it's instability. I've written the creator, James Perry, numerous times, but he doesn't respond to my emails. I really liked this app and I hope this wakes James up so he can fix his creation.

A Google user

installed on atrix 4g long time ago. use to work great. bout a week ago something went bonkers and phone calls would no longer ring on my phone. had to uninstall to correct the problem. loved it until then. now have atrix2. does not work at all for voicemail alerts. I paid for this app and it is a waste.

A Google user

Voicemail reminder not working on Galaxy Nexus. Other reminders I can get with a free app. LED alert not working on any reminders. It does work on the free missed call app. So basically a waste of money. Fix those issues and u get 5 stars .

John Houston

My phone got updated to 4.4.2 kit kat and now missed call deluxe crashes. I get an error message saying missed call deluxe has stopped working. This "was" the best out there. I loved it and used it since it has out but had to uninstall as it does not work anymore. I am thoroughly disappointed. I hope there is an upgrade coming real soon. Don't bother with this problem unless you are using an older phone

A Google user

Goes bonkers on my Droid Charge. Upon vm receipt all alarms and notifs go continuously. $.99 gone.

A Google user

Swiping specific notifications in notification tray doesn't deactivate the reminder in ICS. You have to "X" out of the notifications to deactivate the reminder. Other than that it works great!!

A Google user

Colored leds dont word. Another gift from smartphone people paid .99 for leds and didnt get it

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