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Mob Up! Join one of the many mob families or create your own. We have SLOTS, LOTTOS, personal stat page, SPECIAL HOLIDAY DROPS return energy feed, fight log, GALA, theres too much to list! Customize a male and female avatar endlessly with new items released every week. Unique missions with item drops get new players started and help seasoned players advance further. Collect your daily bonus for knuckles and points and more. Classic gameplay and an "all players and platforms" social broadcast chat makes for an easy start. Ask players or administrators in chat about gameplay and simply click "add" next to names to add mobsters to your mob. Top mob them to get and send energy and collect their cash bonus daily. Easily make the mobile Made Men list with the newly released app for android. So take back an old mobs name and dust off the flasher, our great original mobsters community is here!

Gameplay notes: In the android platform, flashers are turned on. To turn them off, go to settings. To play on the pc, go into settings and click "change password". It will give you your random username and password to log in from anywhere, on any device. Chat is on the main tab.


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  • March 2, 2021
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  • 7.8.1
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  • September 24, 2019
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  • Android 2.2.x - Froyo (SDK: 8)
  • March 2, 2016
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10 recent comments of Mobster Players Revenge APK

richard lingenfelter

I have played this game online when MySpace was a thing. I have many new friends because I it. Admin isn't paying me a dime to say this. The game is easy to understand. Get territory in order to pay for better weapons and kick the crap out of the other players. If you want special equipment just like by other app you have to spend money for extra gear. All in all I love it.

Bobby Taylor

Take your gaming wherever you go. Fight with your family and build your stats and rise to the top. Get your game on at the grocery store, in the car, or durring lunch on the construction site. Love the game but the admins here are what keep the games running top notch. Very easy to deal with and super quick to respond. Keep up the great work guys and gals.

James Procter

This is just like the old MS or playdom app. Only the Admins work with you if there is a problem of any kind. And it's fast pace at times and more stuff with better perks. If you want to have fun and meet great people this the app for you. And the Family's are just as real and will always have our back. Happy Mobbing and hope to see you there. And just for the record. I pay for all my stuff with no Admin's input. Just hate to see lairs.

A Google user

I remember playing this on MySpace. Don't know what the bad reviews are all about. I am freely making this review with nobody asking me to nor am I getting paid. Great app, Easy to use. Pretty much the same like before. Now I just gotta slowly work my way up lol. Thanks for bringing back this great game ?

Amy Williams

When I first was told about the game I admit I rolled my eyes and thought "I'm not gna play this!" , but as it turns out I LOVE IT! Fun to play and fun to sit back laugh at what ppl post in the feed. Good times... Players are helpful. Admins are fast & awesome with questions & concerns and overall it's just fun. I've only been playing a week and haven't had to drop a dime, you won't as long as you play smart and are just wanting to have some fun. Happy Mobbing!

Gary Herndon

Thousands of people lost a shitload of accts to the new idiot owners of Myspace and a great game app was lost. Ground and Pound Media determined to bring back prolly the best online game app ever has succeeded in supporting thousands of individual Mobsters addicts with a more intense and motivated game experience. This game has been resurected for the next generation of life long games. I support GandP so says Gerald Rafferty


I've been playing mobsters revenge for 2 weeks now and I love it, it keeps me relax after work. I enjoy talking with new ppl. This game has even helped my relationship with my husband. Thanx Mobsters!

Jason Anderson

THE ADMIN OF THIS GAME PAID EVERYONE FAVOR POINTS THAT GAVE THE GAME A FIVE STAR RATING. The overall rating you see on the game is wrong. They change things after you react and then tell you sorry they can't do anything. In my book that's selling a false product. PERIOD

slash rightly

Don't waste ur time. Admins paid for all positive comments here. Game admins are corrupt and do shady business. All they care about is the all mighty buck.

Matt Valdes

Admins are very helpful Un like old ms mobsters admins are in broadcast on facebook and in xat chat if you need them but the best admin is punky she always gets things done always has helped me with any problem I had by far the best admin of all and the game it self is dope

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