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The description Movie Collection Unlocker Apk

The "Movie Collection Unlocker" is required to unlock all features of the 'Movie Collection' application. This application has no functionality without the main application 'Movie Collection'. Please download the "Movie Collection" app from Play Store to be able to use the full functionality.

This application is not visible in the application overview of Android.

This main application 'Movie Collection' helps you to collect and manage all your movies. You can add movies to the local database and load detailed informations and posters from

The following features are available in the main application:
• detailed informations to motion pictures like movie description, actors, cover, runtime, director ...
• detailed informations to TV shows with season and episode support (You must create a new list of type "TV shows" in list manager to be able to add TV shows.)
• watch trailers in the YouTube app.
• adding of movies/tv shows and search by title / keyword
• search a movie by scanning the barcode (fast in app barcode scanner. No other application necessary).
• add your own/private movies with self written descriptions or own covers.
• mark movies/tv show seasons as borrowed.
• Full-fledged list management (create your own lists and so many you want (e.g. separate lists for movies, TV shows, music, a wish list and so on.)
• move/copy movies between lists.
• list view and a tile view.
• customizable cover size in list view and in tile view.
• great look and feel.
• Light and Dark theme.
• different order and filter options.
• mark movies as seen with a time stamp.
• search in a list.
• Full-fledged Backup-Manager to save and to restore the database (Export/Import in different formats: binary/XML)
• save backups on external storage/SD-card. Upload backups into the cloud (Dropbox/Box/Google-Drive) or share it with your friends via email etc.
• show covers/backdrops in full screen.
• jump directly to the IMDB application or the web site.
• no registration necessary.
• fully compatible to Android 3.0 "Honeycomb"

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10 recent comments of Movie Collection Unlocker APK

Andrew Mertz

Changes sometimes require app restart b4 they show up. TV show search sometimes requires using only 1 word of the title. Backup bug that only backs up 40 titles sometimes, even with pd version. :( Had to go back 3 weeks to find one that saved correctly. Love the collection feature, which shows other movies from a series, but again, has a bug when restoring that forces u to re-search movies if u want that info.

Olivia Hardy

I love this app and all the great feature, I can edit the movie titles and info and add that I have multiple formats of the same movie. It will open random movie titles some times but it never really bothered me. My biggest complaint now is that I just got an apple phone and this app is t available for IOS. Wish it was though, is buy it in a heart beat!

Daniel Brooks

It still needs a few more tweeks to be perfect. Like a how to guide for non listed movies, organize movies by genre, a format for multi pack dvd, that links to the actual movies so you can better organize your movies. But it's still the best bang for your buck. Will give 5 stars when those options are available.

Michael K

This app is excellent. I do have a question for the developer. Is there any way to mirror this app on another device, say my phone and tablet? I have no issue buying a second copy, but I'd hate to have to input my 600+ collection again.

Jared Nowling

Great app. Love being able to keep up with my extensive movie collection. I do have one question for the developer. I have the app on my phone and my tablet. How do I sync up what I had on my phone to my tablet? I used the app several weeks ago and it transferred the movies from then to my tablet. Recently, I added the rest of my movies to the list. I'm wondering how I can get those other movies to add to my tablets list.

David Burd

Downloaded the free version of this app. Limited to 40 movie titles. Bought the paid version as this is one of the best apps ive used for creating a movie database. Really easy to find movie titles. Can even edit them if you wish. Excellent backup feature which stops those nasty crashes. Not that I've encountered any yet. Definetely worth the $2 or so to buy it ?


I did like this product. Especially comparing to Movie Maker Pro. I really like MMPro however, from what I couldn't find, you can't create your own categories nor couldn't you edit most of the fields of the imported movie. With Movie Collection, you can practically edit almost everything.. All fields, name, categories, wish list, media, etc. and that was the ONE thing I needed. It's also easy to navigate. When doing a filter search it's one click, drag to your category and view. Adding categories, just edit the current categories, put one of your own and it's automatically remembered for the next time. All in all a great product, my only issue after 2 days of use is the categories imported aren't always correct.. Example.. Find a clearly romantic comedy and it would only import as a comedy at times.. Other than that, 4 stars for now.. I would also like to see a feature added to view only "one line" of movies so I am able to see a lot more per screen..

A Google user

Absolutely best movie listing app out there. Was definitely worth the R24 spent. I am an avid movie fanatic with old so this ticks all the boxes for me. Would love if you could synch app over different apps but still the best!

Red Parsley

Hi, I downloaded the trial version of this app and loved it - it was exactly what I was looking for. However, since upgrading and paying for the full version I've found that it often won't let me see a movie's details. When I tap on a movie in the list, nothing happens. The only way I've found to resolve this is to go into my phone options and 'force stop' the app, then restart it. But it just does it again in a short while. Any way to fix this?

Christopher Villareal

I had just completed entering all my hundreds of movies. But when my phone crashed, so went my list. Anyway to recover it and put it on my new phone? Or will i have spend the next month putting it all back on there again.

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