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OS 2.2 and up

Moving Target Password Shifter APPLICATION description

Don’t keep the same lockscreen password! Moving Target automatically updates your lockscreen password, greatly increasing your phone’s security.

Set up a password pattern - for example, the letters “QzY” followed by the current hour. Enable Moving Target and it’ll keep that hour field updated for you! Any hour of the day, when you turn your phone on and are asked for your password, type QzY and then look in the corner of the screen and type the current hour. If it’s 8:30 right now, your lockscreen password is QzY8 - when the clock strikes 9, it’ll be QzY9.

You can make more sophisticated dynamic passwords too! You can add the current day of the month, or even the current minute for a super-secure password. Your password pattern is easily customizable!

The free version of Moving Target allows you to put the current hour (1-12) or current date (1-31) in your password; a cheap upgrade enables the other password element types (24-hour, minute, first letter of weekday).

If you have any problems or feedback, please email me: [email protected].

Disable all task killers!! If Moving Target gets killed, it will obviously not be able to update your password! If this happens and you are locked out of your phone, try restarting the phone - this should restart Moving Target which will then set your password again according to your pattern.

Moving Target uses very little battery and does not “phone home”. It utilizes standard, built-in systems in Android to ensure that it does not malfunction or stop working. Once you set your password pattern, you can expect your lockscreen password to keep updating forever and you shouldn’t ever have to fiddle with settings until you want to change or disable the password. If you are using an app killer, make sure it doesn't kill Moving Target or else it may not be able to keep your password updated!

Unfortunately, Moving Target cannot set a pattern lock. If you use only numbers in your password pattern, it will use the “PIN” style lockscreen which simply displays a number pad; otherwise, a more complicated pattern will show the whole keyboard.

I don't recommend using a custom lock screen with this app; it may not be made to handle the changing password, which could result in your getting locked out of your phone.

I do not take responsibility for any malfunctions of the app or damage that may occur from said malfunctions, however I STRONGLY assure you it has been THOROUGHLY tested. If you have problems with the app, please email me and I will do my best to help fix them. Also try restarting your phone; sometimes low or corrupted memory can do funny things with your phone software (you may need to take your battery out). I cannot unlock a phone for which you have forgotten the password pattern - there are no "backdoors" in the app - so please, please, PLEASE be careful to memorize and/or write down your password pattern so you don't forget it!

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