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Version 1.28
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Package Name ie.my353.myapplication
OS 5.0 and up

My Appointment Register APPLICATION description

Tap! Tap!!! Done!!!!! Book your GNIB appointment just that simple!
This is NOT a GNIB official app.!!!! and we CAN NOT take and handle any complaints about GNIB! thank you for understanding!!
Please note this app. unable controls with follows:
1) Amount,date,time,frequency of appointment release.
2) Amount of people are waiting for.(at same time)
3) How fast(booking speed) users could be.
this app. can not guarantee anyone can secure a appointment without tried by themselves.

about ad free version
If you don't like any ads in app and believe that ads will cause you delay for appointment booking, we just released an ads free version --- My Appointment Register - no ads.
Anyway for whatever reason here is the option.

Booking tips:
* Please pay extra attention at 9:55-10:10(Irish time) on each working day.
When the Notification arrive on your phone or PC!
Jumping into GNIB Official site quickly! and do the follows:
1.Do reCAPTCHA first.
2.If reCAPTCHA took you so long, press "Find Available Appointments" button to request a new batch of slots to increase chances of success.
3.Select appointment.
4. Submit.
5. Be quick and fingers crossed.

If no success, switch back quickly ,do the same above again.
keep try! Don't give up! until the page shows "No appointment(s) are currently available."

* According to our current experience the release around 9:50-10:10 is the largest release of the day.
however ,release time,amount vary depend on GNIB there's no guarantees.
** GNIB accept early registration up to 10 weeks before your last expiration. please be smart on your registration hunting to avoid the 'last minute booking'.
*** Check the 【 last release date up to 】 on App or website regularly.

Don't be too panic,if you been take few days or a week.It's very normal at moment.

BOOK your GNIB appointment, Any time, Any where, Zero Cost!
No hidden cost ,No upgrade charges,No in-app purchases.

1. Set different level Notification when GNIB appointment available.
*2. Two ways to Check the GNIB appointment release information.*
3. Pre-fill registration form
4. Auto-fill GNIB registration form
5. Prevent you from suspension due to high frequent launching the connection to GNIB server from your device.
6. Always give you a double guarantee on appointment release information.
7. Get more information released by GNIB.
8. Daily check the "current released date" to help you managing your registration schedule.

9.Stored all your registration information on your device only!
10.When you saw Appointment date like

"23 September 2019 - 16:00 58d Wed"

[23 September 2019 - 16:00] Appointment Date and Time
[58d] 58 days from Today.
[WED.] Appointment Date is Wednesday.

Tap! Tap!! Done!!!!! Book your GNIB appointment just that simple!

* 1. Set suitable notification level to receive notifications ,
2.Just Jump into App, the app will show you the current GNIB appointment availability(auto update).
** Please note This is not a GNIB official app!!!!
*** Suitable for People who live in Dublin to register or renew in Dublin.
**** For some device Notification receive problem please read our troubleshooting page.
Troubleshooting page or

User may use our statistics page to check the Appointment release statistics info. to plan your appointment hunting or just find out how many slot you have missing statistics Or
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