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Version 1.0.1
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Developer Learny Land
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OS 4.1 and up

My Green City APPLICATION description

A city designed by children
Let your imagination run wild and create the city of your dreams. Build houses, skyscrapers, stores, cinemas, factories, farms, power plants... the bigger your city, the more buildings you can build.

But remember, the most important thing in a city is its people! Take care of their health and education. Build hospitals, parks, schools, kindergartens, museums and sports areas. It is important that it is a fair and healthy city, and that the children and adults are happy.

Create bridges and roads for cars, but don't forget that cars make noise, create traffic jams and pollute a lot. Use electric cars, and create pedestrian lanes, bike lanes and public transportation. Make your city green and smoke-free. The people who live there will not be so stressed, because they'll be healthier and happier.

Electric power is a very important part for the planning of any city. Build power plants that use renewable energy. Build sustainable buildings that generate their own electricity. Make sure everyone has access to electrical power.

Manage waste! You will need landfills to manage garbage, or, even better, recycling plants to reuse the generated waste. And above all, be careful with sewage, if you don't treat it well, you will pollute the river!

Create your own rules. Create your own city. We want happier and more sustainable cities!


• Let your imagination fly and create your city, without worrying about rules.
• Build a green and sustainable city.
• Reduce traffic, manage pedestrian areas and bike lanes.
• Manage waste and sewage.
• Create your own rules.
• Produce electricity using renewable energy.
• Discover all the buildings.
• Accomplish all the challenges.
• Build as many cities as you want.
• No ads.
• No in-app purchases or hidden extras.


At Learny Land, we love to play, and we believe that games must form part of the educational and growth stage of all children; because to play is to discover, explore, learn and have fun. Our educational games help children learn about the world around them and are designed with love. They are easy to use, beautiful and safe. Because boys and girls have always played to have fun and learn, the games we make - like the toys that last a lifetime - can be seen, played and heard.
We create toys that could not have existed when we were young.
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We take Privacy very seriously. We do not collect or share personal information about your children or allow any type of third party ads. To learn more, please read our privacy policy at

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