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Version 1.3
Size 276.57 KB (283,205 bytes)
Developer Derek Johnson
Category Apps, Tools
Package Name org.uk100.FindMyIDs
OS 1.6 and up

My IDs APPLICATION description

This information and these IDs can be found:

For phones:

★ Hardware IMEI (For both SIMs on Dual SIM Phone)

For the 1st or only SIM:

★ SIM Status
★ SIM Phone Number (may not be the number being used by the network)
★ SIM Operator Name and number (if SIM is in service)
★ Network Type (if SIM is in service)
★ Signal Strength (0-31) [This is more accurate than the number of bars]
★ LAC (Location Area Code)
★ CID (Cell ID)

For all devices:

★ Manufacturer/Model
★ OS Version and API number
★ Usable Screen Size (Pixels)
★ Android Device ID (as found on newer devices)
★ Android User ID
★ Google System Framework ID
★ WiFi MAC Address (if WiFi enabled)
★ WiFi IP Address

You can send the complete list by email or view it in an editor.

Some of the above data can change dynamically and the list can be refreshed without leaving the App.

If you click on any item in the list, the value of the item is copied to the clipboard.

If you long click on an item (by holding your finger down for longer) then both the name of the item and the value are copied to the clipboard.

None of this information is sent anywhere unless you choose to do so.

Special Feature: Verify SIM number test

Where a phone (SIM) has been ported to another number, the number recorded on the SIM may be wrong. If you have a working SIM with credit you can validate if the SIM phone number is the working number of the phone, using the option in the menu. This test sends 1 standard text message to the listed phone number. (Your service provider may charge you for doing this). The response (or lack of it) to the message is automatically detected and reported. In order to do this the permission to send and to view received text messages is used temporarily for the duration of the test. All text messages received are always passed to your standard text messaging application. No text messages received or sent are stored. NB If the number HAS been ported (changed) then this app cannot identify the new number.

Note: Dual SIM Phones have 2 IMEIs. Currently there are no standard means of getting data about the second SIM.



READ_PHONE_STATE is used to get your IMEI, IMSI and SIM Serial #
ACCESS_WIFI_STATE is used to get your MAC Address
CHANGE_WIFI_STATE is used by the WiFi library to turn on Wifi
ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE is used to get the current IP address

SEND_SMS, RECEIVE_SMS and READ_SMS are used if you want to verify that the SIM Phone number is correct.
WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE is used to write a file containing the results prior to editing or emailing.
READ_GSERVICES is used to get the Google System Framework ID

Approximate location (network-based) is needed when getting the Cell ID and Location Area Code.

If you like this App please give it a positive review. If have any difficulties or issues please email me at [email protected]

If you would like to suggest further relevant features then please email me at: [email protected]

Hope you like it.

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