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My Petite Fashion StoryMy Petite Fashion StoryMy Petite Fashion StoryMy Petite Fashion StoryMy Petite Fashion StoryMy Petite Fashion StoryMy Petite Fashion StoryMy Petite Fashion StoryMy Petite Fashion StoryMy Petite Fashion StoryMy Petite Fashion StoryMy Petite Fashion StoryMy Petite Fashion StoryMy Petite Fashion Story

The description My Petite Fashion Story Apk

There are many people that admire a petite girl, but life isn’t all rainbows for a smaller girl. Are you ready to face the struggles and find fun solutions to make your life better?

One of the problems for petite girls is finding the right fashion that looks good for them. Often, most fashions don’t flatter a petite figure and can make you feel uncomfortable in your skin. Petite style is here for you. You can create your own salon fashion to make you look amazing. After you’ve gotten your fashion game tight, it’s time for chores and then hanging out with your tall friends at the amusement park. Maybe it’s time to come up with a solution for being able to ride all of the rollercoasters with your friends. Your day is just beginning, and it’s time to embrace being a petite girl!

How to Play:
• Being a petite girl poses challenges that others don’t have to face
• One of these being the fashion world
• Create a fun fashion in the salon that makes you feel good about you
• Get together with your taller friends and have a great day
• Don’t let all of the challenges stop you from doing your chores and hanging at the amusement park

Being a petite girl means always being seen as smaller and other may think you’re less able to do everything. Let them know that’s not the case starting with your petite style! Getting started today by downloading now!

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  • 1.2
  • Android 4.1.x - Jelly Bean (SDK: 16)
  • December 29, 2016
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  • 1.0
  • Android 4.1.x - Jelly Bean (SDK: 16)
  • November 30, 2016
  • FF042F12DCEFC4461009B3424EB1B74AEF1319C3
  • 8ebe2ae5d34c95c131ca1b73f79a952d
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10 recent comments of My Petite Fashion Story APK

Anali Cerda

When it was going to say good job it said god job. Its a poorly made app.

A Google user

not bad.... why is the game so short I probably finished it in 5 mins.... and while the laundry, when the girl bend it was too creepy.... need to work on grapics... no offence.... not a bad game tho....

Brynlee Fitzgerald

I think that the game was to short there were alot of things that were locked in it so we were not free to play.

Maya Cunningham

It was really shot an d i think you can add more stuff but otherwise

Sarina Javid

عالی فروشگاه فقط مراحل کمی دارد. گوشی شما ها خراب حجم خیلی کمی میگیرد گوشی توپر از بازی خارج نمی شود گوشی تو خراب نونوراا به نظر من هرکی دان نکنه خر فروشگاه ٢ شو هم بزار ???:-)) :

Marley Turnbow

U hate this game because it only has six levels

GrAcie Howard

If it had more levels it would be better so not the best

Jennifer Cales



Empress Ferreras

Ugh!! So boring..- pls add some more and I will give it 5 stars..

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