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The description MyMQTT Apk

Known from the german technology magazines JavaMagazin ( and Mobile Technology (

★ Connect to MQTT v3.1 Broker (optional with username and password)
★ Subscribe to variouse topics
★ Publish messages to a topic
★ Save messages
★ Filter received Messages

Comming soon:
★ Set Quality of Services for messages
★ Show android notification if app isn't running
★ Export and import of stored messages
★ Connect to broker with SSL support

This App is still in development!
We would like to hear your feedback: [email protected]

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  • 1.0
  • Android 2.1 - Eclair (SDK: 7)
  • January 9, 2016
  • 6455A9E03FC29C8BBF621CC4EC1376940483DA09
  • e0b40dc0c295b9d63af6679ab6d0e075
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10 recent comments of MyMQTT APK

Jonathan Ulmer

I would love to be able to use this in conjunction with Tasker to actually be able to send and react to MQTT messages in a useful way. Even just exposing intents would make this possible (although I think making it a plugin would be the way to go).

Ty Marbut

It functioned well and I like its design, but I was looking for (and still can't find) an Android app that will make the MQTT messages into active notifications in the Android notification bar.

A Google user

Samsung galaxy S3. Seems to work intermittently. What I mean is it doesnt always seem to get all the messages and skips some etc. Also sometimes disconnects the server when adding new subscriptions. All in all, great but needs a polish :)

Antons M

Does what promised, reliably. Thanks a lot! I second request for enable/disable subscriptions and would like to have a rudimentary widget that would just show a text of last message!

Adrian Kelly

I've tried all of the surprisingly short list of MQTT apps and this seems to be the only decent one. Unfortunately, its missing a number of basic features, such as setting QoS, retain, and the client ID, which should be fairly easy to implement. Also nice to have would be notifications, graphing and a material design interface.

Jan-Piet Mens

Handling takes a bit of getting used to (swiping for various screens), but very practical. The app would be +1 if it supported TLS connections to the broker.

Marco Antonio Calderón Pérez

It does it's job pretty well, it is simple and neat. The UI is not pretty, but is functional. I'll add some material design guidelines to be a better looking app.

Asterion Daedalus Opened it. Happily connected to a running mqtt broker. Closed it. Went to use it a couple of days later. It refused to connect to the broker that it already had connected to previously - using the setting setup previously. No useful messages to understand why it wasn't connecting. Other clients happily connected to same broker. Deleted the app as it wasn't MyMQTT client no more.

Peter Scargill

Very poor handling of poor connections. This could be so useful

Arran Short

Have been looking for an mqtt app for a while and this is really good. It would be awesome if I could be notified when a message comes in.

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