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Next Music WidgetNext Music WidgetNext Music WidgetNext Music WidgetNext Music WidgetNext Music WidgetNext Music Widget

The description Next Music Widget Apk

Next Music Widget is a kind of distinctive plug-ins that is based on Next Launcher 3D. The glorious visual elements and vivid playing effects of phonograph will absolutely give you unique visual enjoyment.
Now A new full-screen panel pop up with cool design amd magic animation. Music swing is no longer a dream!

Available Size:
-full-screen panel

- Slide up and down to switch songs.
- Click on a song to play a specific song.
- Press the button in control area could get respond.
- Choose or edit the songs after entering the page of song list.

2x2 widget:
- Flip the widget to switch songs.
- Flick left and right to switch between different songs in full screen mode.
- Choose or edit the songs after entering the page of song list.

How to add Next Panel to your home screen?
- Long press home screen of Next Launcher. Press the Next Panel option and choose the panel you like. A new screen will be added and the panel will be placed on the screen.

How to add Next Widgets to your home screen?
- Long press home screen of Next Launcher. Press the Widget option and choose the widget you like. Make sure you have enough room for the widget.

If you encounter any problems or have any suggestions for our Next Launcher, please do not hesitate to tell us. Thank you very much!
E-mail: [email protected]

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  • 3.1
  • Android 2.2.x - Froyo (SDK: 8)
  • January 9, 2016
  • 4ACE2A33E9CD3113ADBB0EBCE4EED90C5F43338B
  • 14c693f57065032361388dfa11a646ed
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10 recent comments of Next Music Widget APK

rayzor b

My recent added does not work and no matter how many times i add a song i gotta search for it again. Playlist disappears when i restart my fone please fix i love this app and equalizer doesn't work anymore. why are there no skins for this and please fix I've writing about these errors for 1 yr straight and no feedback I paid $16 for this app and it's getting worse

A Google user

Needs FLAC file playing ability so is a NO GO 4me... better 10 band EQ and sound quality in the future compressors, gates, and bass boost options maybe?....Next Launcher is the BEST! Graphics are awesome....Keep going with this widget please. Not for audiophiles yet ....shows promise

Emulation Everything

Love it but it needs a lock screen widget. I have Go keyboard, Go SMS, Next Launcher and themed everything. The Go team has there stuff in order. I use a rooted LG G4 so I also use layers and other theme apps. Excellent work. Just noticed there is no button control from headphones. THATS A BIG DOWNER. Dropping to 4 stars.

Sabine Diener

I actually love this app used to be great on my Vodafone smart prime 6 but not on my Lenovo P2. It keeps crashing all the time. Send a few crash reports already. Please fix it would love to use it again.

Dark Lantern

The widget is pretty well designed. But i came to find out a bug in this app. This app clashed with my dolby digital speakers. So the sound quality went way down and so did the volume. But after i uninstalled this app it started working again. Fix this bug please

Patti B

I can no longer see around inside the widget. Like most of your apps, you took a great thing and ruined it just to save a little memory. Go SMS was an app I always had until you took away all the stuff that made Gosms cool. Sure, it uses less space but when you sacrifice quality for a smoother experience, you lose customers and your reputation.

Christopher Norton

This application does me no good if it can't search for music on my microSD card! If you change it to be able to select folders to search there, I'll reconsider my rating.

Dustin Clark

My biggest problem is the shuffle feature repeats songs multiple times before the playlist plays through. Been that way over a year ago. Figured I would try again but it's too much of an annoyance hearing the same song multiple times without hearing all songs first

Kimberly Gohlke

I've done everything I can think of to get the app going, including limiting the scan to .mp3 & the "Downloads" folder only, but every time the scanning process gets halfway done, it stalls/freezes. I love the idea of this app, I just want it to start working tho!! Help! :-( ***UPDATE-Its been 3months & THEY STILL haven't responded to my post as to why their app does NOT WORK on my GS5Active...Lame.

Trayon Grear

this is my favorite music player because of the widget... but for sum reason its not working on the galaxy s7 edge. I just uninstalled and reinstalled over and over again and it just keeps crashing immediately but worked perfectly when I downloaded it to my other phone... please fix this.

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