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Nova Launcher PrimeNova Launcher PrimeNova Launcher PrimeNova Launcher PrimeNova Launcher PrimeNova Launcher PrimeNova Launcher PrimeNova Launcher PrimeNova Launcher PrimeNova Launcher Prime

The description Nova Launcher Prime Apk

Accept no substitutes! Nova Launcher is the original and most polished customizable launcher for modern Android

Nova Launcher Prime
Unlock the following extras by purchasing Nova Launcher Prime
• Gestures - Swipe, pinch, double tap and more on the home screen to open your favorite apps
• Unread Counts - Never miss a message. Unread count badges for Hangouts, SMS, Gmail and more using the TeslaUnread plugin
• Custom Drawer Groups - Create new tabs or folders in the app drawer
• Hide Apps - Keep a clean app drawer by hiding never used apps
• Icon Swipes - Set custom actions for swiping on app shortcuts or folders
• More scroll effects - Such as Wipe, Accordion, and Throw

Nova Launcher Prime acts as a license to unlock these features in the free Nova Launcher App. You will need to install Nova Launcher first.

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10 recent comments of Nova Launcher Prime APK

Sij Cecilio

I absolutely love that you added pixel launcher features to this launcher. However, it would be so much better if you add a setting to adjust the position of the pixel style search bar because for me, it is just too close to the notification bar and looks a bit odd. It would also be nice to have the google now shortcut from the left side of the home screen just like in Pixel phones. Those key features are what's keeping me from giving 5 stars, but nonetheless this is still the best launcher ever.

Sue McCartin

I couldn't figure out why my app icons kept disappearing on my new android 6 offbrand tablet. I read this could be a launcher issue so I looked around in the store and saw references to this app even on pages for other apps. In my case this has solved the issue and I love the crazy amount of customization and it looks like you can save your settings to put on another device as well. Nothing to complain about and five bucks is not expensive for all you get here.

Joz Jonlin

If you want options, this is the way to go. I've used this on every device I've purchased since it came out and Nova has never failed me. Thanks for the quality work on this and all your other apps! As a feedback on the new dynamic badges. Is there a way we could explore experimenting with the ability to have them even larger? This old man's eyesight isn't getting any better! Thanks!

Adam Warlock

Is there no Samsung Icon support? I've long-loved Nova, and have used the free version for years without issue... until I downloaded a theme (via Samsung Hub) for my Samsung S7. It comes with a new set of icons, but Nova doesn't give me any option to apply them. I've tried applying them from Nova settings as well as long-pressing each individual icon, to no avail. Yet, both the stock TouchWiz and Google Now launcher apply them just fine. This was actually the main reason I purchased Nova Prime, but unfortunately it hasn't made a difference.

Stephen Cena

Yes!!! THIS is what I've been looking for!! All the features I want and it's fast and stable!! If used (and bought) ADW and GO Launcher EX but THIS IS IT. Definitely check this out!! Update: you need to fix the swipe gestures in landscape mode. I have my music played on a group I swipe off of and I can never get it to work right. Portrait? Flawless. Landscape? Constantly have to go into my drawer to launch apps.

Jamie G.

Love it! Just checking in to say that this is indeed still the best launcher. I got my husband to use it, and he's an ex iPhone user that refuses to modify the "vanilla experience". He loves it too. He was sold when I pointed out that he won't have to get used to new random crap with phone updates lol. Simple to use but as feature rich as you want it to be. Great stuff! Keep it up, you're consistently awesome.


Never had any issues, complaints, or bugs in my experience with Nova or Nova Prime. It just works flawlessly. The amount of options is amazing and it allows you the ability to change many things to your liking. This is pretty much my most used paid app. It deserves that rank.

Richard Nguyen

I've been using this for awhile now. But recently it just went beast mode! Quick start helps you get a pixel launcher style set up. Completes the look on my Moto Z with nougat!

David Woolley

Sure it's not 3d and doesn't have a built in theme store... But honestly? It doesnt need those things. Ive tried the majority of the the different launchers out there and as far as Performance goes, customization and sheer number of options/features available, goes? Nova has them all beat.

Rich Kidd

I've been using Nova since the beginning of android, I've tried many launchers and always return back to the KING of launchers NOVA. These developers work hard day and night and deserve the credit. Awesome job NOVA. ?☝?

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