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Official DVSA Theory Test KitOfficial DVSA Theory Test KitOfficial DVSA Theory Test KitOfficial DVSA Theory Test KitOfficial DVSA Theory Test KitOfficial DVSA Theory Test Kit

The description Official DVSA Theory Test Kit Apk

The ONLY OFFICIAL Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) app for the Car Theory and Hazard Perception test. Written by DVSA – the people who set the tests.

Contains ALL the information you need to pass your car theory test first time. ONLY £4.99. Far cheaper than the cost of retaking your test!

Over 1 million happy people have passed using our apps.

Fully compatible with Android versions 4.3 to 8.0.


1. The only official theory test kit app – it’s from DVSA, the people who set the tests

2. Contains every car theory test revision question

3. Includes a copy of The Official Highway Code, with all the latest rules and road signs

4. Features 20 interactive hazard perception video clips in CGI format, just like the ones in the real test

5. Study, practice and test yourself with unlimited mock tests

6. Track your progress so you know when you’re ready to pass

7. Yours for as long as you need it, so you can revise at your own speed

Helping you through a lifetime of safe driving.


Please note:

1. To view the hazard perception clips, you’ll need to download an additional 360MB of data. During installation, the app will temporarily need approximately 720MB of free internal storage. Portable storage such as an SD card does not count as internal storage.

2. You can choose to download the voiceover separately. This will read out all the theory test revision questions, answers and explanations for you, but it will require additional storage space.


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10 recent comments of Official DVSA Theory Test Kit APK

hudda munasser

Not happy. Hazard awareness part didn't download. It mention memory space needed even though I have 16gb free space

Joshim Haque

Ive passed..

A M Pervez

App installed fine on Hudl tablet. The hazard perception videos don't play? I can hear the video but am unable to watch it. Kinda useless for an app that cost £4.99

Ashley Dampier

Really helpful app from the DVSA, great for practicing tests, tells you where you have got answers wrong and the relevant sections of the book that applies with the correct answer.

Frances McDonald

Loved this app for theory test ,the hazarrd perception didn't work on my ASUS tablet but overall I can't fault it. And I passed theory today 1st time !!

Chelsea Donoghue

Is the clips on the app the same a clips in the real test ?

Shewa Olawale

I just passed my theory test 08/12/17 and this app was the only revision material I used. It's a great app with everything you need to know for the theory test. I studied every section and did the section practice questions. I then did the mock tests over and over again. I'm also so glad that they've now added 10 more hazard perception videos, just before my test and it was good preparation. The questions in the mock test are very similar if not identical to the real test. Good luck!

Ali Haider

Have my theory test tomorrow, I'm confident that I will pass my Theory but I'm dreading on the Hazard Perception. I have two revision material, this & L driving. This app was more beneficial for me to learn the essentials and get better marks with each mock test, even the Hazard Perception I was doing well for the little clips it had. Sadly, the mock tests for HP I've managed to come up short on the tests or get lucky by a few points and pass, not very assuring... I'll give an update a week later to inform about my results.

obik rai

Thanks to this app i passed my theory test in 1st try (30/12/2017). I just practised about 10 mock test n it did the trick. Got 47 in theory test and 62 in hazard perception. I highly recommend this app


Only revision tool I used and only took me a week using this to pass my theory test first time on 28/12/17. Got 49/50 on the theory and 58 on the hazard perception. Would recommend to anyone!

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