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OkCupid - Best Online Dating App for Great DatesOkCupid - Best Online Dating App for Great DatesOkCupid - Best Online Dating App for Great DatesOkCupid - Best Online Dating App for Great DatesOkCupid - Best Online Dating App for Great DatesOkCupid - Best Online Dating App for Great Dates

The description OkCupid - Best Online Dating App for Great Dates Apk

Get the best dating app for singles to find a match based on who you really are and what you love.

Great dates come from great connections - that’s why OkCupid shows off who you are beyond a photo. Find love based on what makes you, well, you - because you deserve it.

“Want to have ‘hell yes’ first dates? OkCupid is the perfect wingman.” - Huffington Post
“OkCupid may be the OG of dating sites, but that doesn’t mean it’s done innovating.” - Glamour
“OkCupid is giving you a chance to really connect with someone…” - Elite Daily

OkCupid isn’t just another online dating website. Our free dating app helps you meet singles, connect, chat or have a deep conversation through our one-of-a-kind messaging system. Focus on the connections and relationships you’re interested in, without the ones you’re not.

OkCupid can help you find someone special, whether you want casual dating, marriage, or just to find love – YOU choose what matters, With unique questions that allow you to match with people with similar interests and receive a personalized compatibility %, we’re here to help you find your next relationship.

Love doesn’t discriminate, and neither does OkCupid. If you're gay, lesbian, nonbinary or don't fit into any one label, OkCupid can help you find love too. You can even set your pronouns at registration!

Find love, build connections and go on great dates with OkCupid! Download now!


• Build a dating profile that highlights what matters to you
• Answer unique questions so OkCupid can find you dates you're compatible with
• Set dating preferences, whether you're straight, gay or anything in-between

• Meet people and chat with our unique messaging system
• Local dating features help you meet people nearby
• Plan a date night or coffee meet over the app then meet up in person

OkCupid is absolutely free to download and use, but we offer an optional premium subscription that unlocks exclusive features. Additional features to our free dating app include:
• See who likes you without having to like them first
• Search singles with advanced filters and additional options
• Enjoy OkCupid ad-free

Meet singles and find a great connection – download OkCupid today!

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  • 39.2.1
  • Android 5.0 - Lollipop (SDK: 21)
  • March 26, 2020
  • 2542B48F9C8969E70A08D7A1B21B9A9912305456
  • 3b2b9df49ab532c46cb4e5c7a95da5ce
  • - Fixed tap area on close button for dialogs
    - Fixes to Read Receipt activation slider
    - Lots of under the hood speed improvements and fixes
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  • 39.1.1
  • Android 5.0 - Lollipop (SDK: 21)
  • March 18, 2020
  • 2542B48F9C8969E70A08D7A1B21B9A9912305456
  • 88b34e0b05de7c49c8b08b07f2a0b890
  • Updates to the intros page, color changes, and various performance improvements.
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  • 36.1.4
  • Android 5.0 - Lollipop (SDK: 21)
  • January 11, 2020
  • 2542B48F9C8969E70A08D7A1B21B9A9912305456
  • 1c2e6e2e5a7f47b593052605a58b76a7
  • No need to call an exterminator, we got rid of those bugs.
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  • 35.3.1
  • Android 5.0 - Lollipop (SDK: 21)
  • December 5, 2019
  • 2542B48F9C8969E70A08D7A1B21B9A9912305456
  • ffc72007429ecd28faf1e3c2b2bac2fb
  • If you wanted bug fixes and performance improvements then you’re in luck.
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  • 35.3.0
  • Android 5.0 - Lollipop (SDK: 21)
  • December 4, 2019
  • 2542B48F9C8969E70A08D7A1B21B9A9912305456
  • a674ebf350d6fe6e021fb5223b4e4c97
  • The bugs are fixed, the performance is improved, it’s a great day to update your app.
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  • 35.2.1
  • Android 5.0 - Lollipop (SDK: 21)
  • December 1, 2019
  • 2542B48F9C8969E70A08D7A1B21B9A9912305456
  • 46989eb003274baa1360de33ac464f76
  • The bugs are fixed, the performance is improved, it’s a great day to update your app.
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  • 35.1.2
  • Android 5.0 - Lollipop (SDK: 21)
  • November 21, 2019
  • 2542B48F9C8969E70A08D7A1B21B9A9912305456
  • ed7fca30069374254e7f724d9ea54a09
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  • 34.3.0
  • Android 5.0 - Lollipop (SDK: 21)
  • November 7, 2019
  • 2542B48F9C8969E70A08D7A1B21B9A9912305456
  • 01070213774916a2db1e88ca9e01bc7b
  • View Permissions
  • 34.2.1
  • Android 5.0 - Lollipop (SDK: 21)
  • October 30, 2019
  • 2542B48F9C8969E70A08D7A1B21B9A9912305456
  • 0f937845ead0d4da955649e43cbfae84
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  • 34.1.1
  • Android 5.0 - Lollipop (SDK: 21)
  • October 25, 2019
  • 2542B48F9C8969E70A08D7A1B21B9A9912305456
  • 4ed5badb9001b1946788153db23647c2
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10 recent comments of OkCupid - Best Online Dating App for Great Dates APK

Dan Westervelt

Recent attempt to imitate tinder is poorly done. OKC is all about taking your time and getting a good feel for someone before beginning a conversation... In my opinion, it should NOT try to be like all the other apps where you swipe left or right based entirely on looks and a few shallow details... Still, except for the new swipe mechanism it's still a great way to meet people who you might actually like!

Robert Rios

Its a good app but there are way too many spammers and scammers. Ive been 'liked' by over 9 cam girls so it's pretty annoying.

Chelsea Kuhn

I got much better matches once I started answering a lot of the apps questions, and told them what I want my ideal partner to say as well. The app is super user-friendly. Even if you aren't good with tech, you can probably manage this. Also, the A-list features are fantastic. I only paid $30 for six months, and I can search people based on their traits and their answers to questions! Also, I know if you like me! Haha

Divine Mew

It's not a bad app I've met a few ppl but it will try to fool you with fake notifications to pay for A list js.

Wesley Cox

Offers a profile, a quick match thing, questions that helps better understand what priorities and thinking styles you tend to go with. This helps correlate potential matches, without enforcing it as a rule... but simply a quick guide. I find most people here are genuinely interested in making meaningful connections. However... it can still be hard to gain proper attraction and connection without focusing on really making a high impact profile. This is a tool... make an effort and get it right.

Braddah Kailolu

been using it for a while probably the best app I've used as far as dating goes rather than just flings, I dig it

I really don't understand the latest update. Were a lot of OkCupid users asking for it to be more like Tinder? OkCupid was a nice alternative because you could actually know a bit about someone before you chose to message them. But Match Group has decided that they need to own half a dozen Tinder clones. How many couples who met on OkCupid would have never even spoken to each other if all dating apps were based on an initial reaction to a single photo?

Kunal Hulawale

Every time its saying when you will pay den u will get info about who likes to u.so make it free

Eric Listen

Couldn't load photo...?? wtf !!...it autocorrects my location to somewhere else...fix it !

Nothing has changed since the last update: App needs to save my settings that I use on my computer, I don't want to sort through those that I've already hidden on my PC. Also, people shouldn't show up as matches if you don't meet their minimum requirements to contact them (age, distance...). App always crashes, too. It needs a HUGE overhaul. Oh yeah, and I have yet to find anything worth pursuing after 2 years of using OKC.

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