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Penned - Read & Write a StoryPenned - Read & Write a StoryPenned - Read & Write a StoryPenned - Read & Write a Story

The description Penned - Read & Write a Story Apk

Penned is *THE ORIGINAL SOCIAL WRITING APP* that is the best way to read, write, and share stories of truth or fiction with your friends, followers, and the world for FREE. Share your stories and get followers!

"The best place for reading and writing on my phone that I've found so far" - Julia S., Utah

- Post your story with a cover photo

- Write fiction, true tales, blogs, fanfiction ( ff ) , poetry, song lyrics, or whatever is on your mind

- Add chapters as you go and let your story unfold into a novel

- Create your own category or post to popular ones

- Connect with your friends and reading audience with comments on each chapter

- Follow other writers

- Easily share to Twitter and Facebook

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  • 1.5
  • Android 2.3.3 - 2.3.7 - Gingerbread (SDK: 10)
  • January 13, 2016
  • 1287A9F59E222D2CEBD9EC3EE0CA6D9DA70E5382
  • d45feb49438269956f11ccac0923ebb5
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10 recent comments of Penned - Read & Write a Story APK

Cate Caruth

Try as I might, I can't make it do more than the basics as a writing tool. I can add text and save but the chapter feature just tells me I don't have a story to add a chapter to - huh? There seems to be no help at all within the app and the online help is woeful.

Sandra Jean Haegeman

Penned wont let me on it right now, don't know what's wrong with it, but it's on my friends account too so its not my phone. Please fix this, Penned has become my life and with this happening I cant post or see anything. Other wise this is my most favorite app ever.

Gypsy Storm

Don't waste your time. What used to be a great app has all but died. Customer service refuses to answer. You can't sign in without data error messages. I've lost all of my work on Penned. Shame on the dev's for letting this go.

T Keioka

Forgot password and all my writing is available to everyone but me!!! I spent numerous hours, time writing my heart out personal and published to be locked out completely bogus!

Kelly Faulk

Though the app is a great way to get stories to the public, there are some flaws. If you forget your password, you can forget about ever getting on the app again. If you sign up via Facebook, you do not have an email or password set up, and cannot change the password or even receive notifications if someone commented on your story. Customer support is quick to respond, but they will just tell you that the creator and owner of the app pays out of pocket to keep the app ad free and that the tech team was over worked and neglected to include basic features found on every other app or website. It is bothersome to send myself an email to upload a story I had written on my computer; the website is difficult to use and seems unfinished. There is no way to tag other users if you respond to a question they asked about your story, so you do not know if they received your answer; this cuts down on user interaction, basically isolating you. If you like writing stories that are under 1000 words, it is the perfect app. If you write stories that are 50,000-100,000 words, it is difficult to obtain input from others. Needs a lot of work.

Sara Caroline

This is the best app if you want to read others stories and poems and write one of your own, really I was looking for an app like this for a long time and finally I find it. It's just you can't log back in if you forgot your password,that suck:P

Maxie Moo

If anyone is looking for a good free reading/writing app try Wattpad. I've used it for 5 years and you can read free stories and write. It's better organized too. Not so crowded looking.

x Hanlolwjufv

One of the best writing apps out there. Other than some loading problem, this app is near perfect. I can meet all sorts of wonderful people out there. Recommend this app to every writers out there.

Tiny Planet Explorer

It keeps saying I didn't verify my email when I made sure I did.

Joshua Choi

This app is amazing~ finally its out on the android! I have this app on my old iPhone and it was amazing! I love to write stories and now I can continue writing~ other favorite app is WordPress haha

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