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Photex Basic - Urdu on PhotosPhotex Basic - Urdu on PhotosPhotex Basic - Urdu on PhotosPhotex Basic - Urdu on PhotosPhotex Basic - Urdu on PhotosPhotex Basic - Urdu on PhotosPhotex Basic - Urdu on PhotosPhotex Basic - Urdu on PhotosPhotex Basic - Urdu on PhotosPhotex Basic - Urdu on PhotosPhotex Basic - Urdu on PhotosPhotex Basic - Urdu on PhotosPhotex Basic - Urdu on Photos

The description Photex Basic - Urdu on Photos Apk

اردو میں اپنی مرضی کی پوسٹ بنائیں
کسی ڈیزائننگ سوفٹ وئیرکی ضرورت بھی نہیں
قرانی آیات و احادیث لکھیں یا چاہے کریں شعروشاعری ۔ فوٹیکس سے ہوا اردو میں پوسٹ بنانا آسان
فوٹیکس ہی ہوگا اب ڈیزایننگ سوفٹ ویئر اورموبائیل ھوگا کمپیوٹر
تو پھر دیر کیسی ۔ ابھی ڈاؤن لوڈ کریں۔ اور اپنے لیپ ٹاپ، کمپیوٹراور ڈیزایننگ سوفٹ وئیرز کو خیر باد کہیں

Photex / Photo Editor is a simple app to add text on photos with attractive designs and multiple features. If you lack creativity and not an expert in the art of design then try photex. It will really help you for making posts and in advertising for business, media groups, poetry/shairy writers and Islamic post designers. Now writing on photos and images of your favorite stylish fonts is quite simple. Not only it has much more fonts and stickers but also a variety of backgrounds are available. Make posts like Poetry, Religious Verses ( Quran / Kuran & Ahadith ), Love Letters, Selfies, Snaps and other Social and Public service messages with just a simple swipe.
Fotex says happy 14th august "Pakistan Independence Day" and Jashn-e-Azadi Mubarak.

Photex Urdu Text on Photo Features:
★ عربی، فارسی، اردو and English fonts
★ Multi-text and lines both for اردو and English
★ Variety of backgrounds
★ Calligraphic fonts
★ A number of stickers and vectors
★ Big Collection of Templates
★ Add multiple images from gallery
★ Photex have its own Urdu keyboard and English keyboard
★ Infinite color selection for Text and backgrounds
★ Change text color
★ Add outline on text with your desire color
★ Shade selection of your desired color
★ Flexible text placement
★ User friendly Text size modification
★ Rotate text over 360 degree
★ Preference changeable from multi-text or objects i.e. select image or font to show on front
★ Designed post saved in gallery as " Photex" folder
★ Upload your posts on Photex Store

Photex covered major fields as;
♡ Post for social media
♡ Advertisement
♡ Photo editing
♡ Designing

Now you can design your own photo on Photex:
1- Quranic verses posts
2- Ahadith post
3- Poetry post
4- Funny post
5- Eid greeting cards
6- Signature maker
7- Wallpapers
8- Ads campaign and advertisement
9- Love letters
10- Invitation cards
11- Quotes of the day
12- Valentine Day Card

Photex is now solving the problems of Urdu lovers, as it is Urdu photo editor & Post Maker.
Keep enjoying it.

For any suggestion or query please contact us via the [email protected]

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How to Use Photex

Background change:
◆ Click on top right corner button
◆ Plain and simple color gives you opportunity to select your favorite color for background
◆ Templates have a list of ready made backgrounds like Islamic, Poetry and General
◆ Gallery provides access to your own photos and selfies.
NOTE: Crop Image in full screen with minimum size 480x800 otherwise images will be distorted

Stickers and Vectors
◆ 2nd button from right is designed for stickers
◆ It have a number of stickers and vectors like Islamic, General, Poetry, Love, Flowers etc.
◆ Multiple stickers can be added

Multiple Images Addition
◆ From Stickers and Vectors button, scroll down gallery and add as many pictures as you want

Add Text
◆ Click on 3rd button from right
◆ Write Urdu and English with provided keyboard
Note: In some devices keyboard layout will not be compatible AND write proper Urdu Dictionary Words.

Font Style and Colors
◆ 4th button is for text color, shade color and font format and style

Delete Fonts and Objects
◆ First drag that object
◆ From "FONT" button select object. A dialog will give you access to delete

Change Color and Font
1- Drag font →click "font" button → select object → make on front
2- Now change color from "font" button

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  • 1.01
  • Android 3.0 - Honeycomb (SDK: 11)
  • May 23, 2017
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  • 1.0
  • Android 3.0 - Honeycomb (SDK: 11)
  • October 10, 2016
  • FEBF9F2D0B9F93EFC2770E457482D890EDAB457F
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Shad Khattak

I appreciate this nice and excellent app. Dear Users ___ You can do whole about your choice in connection with your writing on your post .

Zaka Malik

Selute to developer, nice app but no option text justify, if you add this option i will give you 5 star...

Md Rashid Asari

Very very happy this version

Kaka Mana

Really good one

Engineer Nauman


Abul Hasan


After long time I got required application deeply thanks to developers and congrats for great job, my suggestion who surch this kind of app get this app for lots of fun.

Farkhunda Qureshi

Thnx quick is vry useful app wish to gv 7 stars

Zaib Sagar

Likn is mein kfi ilfaz nahi hein un ko add karo

Aslam Butt

Very good, user friendly app. It does what it says. If paste function is added, I would give it a 5

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