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The description Picfx Apk

Picfx provides you with over 140 layerable effects including colour filters, light leaks, bokeh, textures and frames, which you can share to Instagram. With our Add Another feature you can continue layering effects to create a truly one-of-a-kind photo.

Picfx for iOS achievements:

* Apple Shot on iPhone 6S 2016 promotion - Image by Koichi Miyase, Edited with Picfx
* Starbucks App of the week April 2014
* Apple App Store's Explore Your Creativity promotion 2014

Get a taste of Picfx with 35 FREE effects! Each of the Core sets have several effects for you to use endlessly for no cost. You can also preview every paid effect in Picfx before you purchase.

Browse and try every effect available for purchase in Picfx before choosing which effects you would like to purchase. Save money and buy all effects at once.

Core - 118 Effects
The Core pack contains over 100 effects divided into 11 sets featuring Classics, PFX Film, Vintage, Urban, Scratches, Light, Bokeh, Textures, Space, Grunge, Frames. The core pack contains effects previously only found on iOS and many new effects currently exclusive to Android.

Instant Film - 14 Effects
This new pack was built to emulate the looks of expired instant film. With 8 new colour effects and 6 light leaks.

Black & White Premium - 10 Effects
Photography originated from Black and White and it's timelessness will forever be a part of modern photography. Here we have 9 classic black and white effects plus a film grain texture.

Add Another
Added an effect to your image but want more? The add another feature does exactly as you would expect, you can layer as many effects as you like to give the image more flavour.

Light Leaks and Bokeh
Ever wondered how to make your phone photos look like they did from the film days? Or how to add little light bokeh to your photo? Here it is.

Colour effects
Every colour effect you could possibly want from faded black tones to sunflower warm, and if this isn’t enough you can layer effects together.

Texture, grunge & frames
Need something a little special to finish that photo off? That’s exactly what these sets are for.

Tap for effect strength
With a simple tap of the screen you can bring up the opacity slider to control the strength of the effect.

Intuitive navigation
Import images from your phone
Strength slider to control effect strength
Undo effects and frames after using Add Another
Save images in high resolution to your phone
Share the image to Instagram and other apps

#Picfx @Picfx
Follow @Picfx and tag #Picfx for your chance to be featured on the Picfx Instagram!

For more information visit http://picfx.co or follow @Picfx on Twitter & Instagram
Developers on Twitter & Instagram @benjamin_bradley & @davidboyes


If you have any problems or suggestions please contact us at [email protected]

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  • 1.4
  • Android 4.2.x - Jelly Bean (SDK: 17)
  • November 27, 2016
  • 3EEEC4FBF45215DC1F36B899CBC8E61C4A0BF2BB
  • f76facd3b964ea6afec30002dd40fdf7
  • * Update *
    - Texture rotation has been added. If an effect has a rotatable texture - bokeh, light effects etc - a rotate button will be available.
    - Strength slider has been moved for easier access.
    - Effects have been slightly reorganised.

    If you have any problems or suggestions please contact us at [email protected]

    Thanks for using Picfx. For more information visit http://picfx.co or follow @Picfx on Twitter & Instagram
    Developers on Twitter & Instagram @benjamin_bradley & @davidboyes

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  • 1.2
  • Android 4.2.x - Jelly Bean (SDK: 17)
  • May 9, 2016
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  • 1.0
  • Android 4.2.x - Jelly Bean (SDK: 17)
  • April 14, 2016
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10 recent comments of Picfx APK

Lucinda Moon

Was sad leaving iOS for one reason only - leaving behind this app! So happy it's now available on Android, you won't use anything else for your pics! :)

brenda dickheiser

Too few free effects

Stefanie Hernandez

Yass best ever!

Jem Slucock

I think it has some cool ideas behind the features, offering some pretty good, classic filters. However, most of the filters cost money on everything. Furthermore, mine keeps closing when I add layers (which I initially thought was a nice touch). Sorry, good idea but not csrried out well. Uninstalled.

assan mohamed

where are the adjustment tools like brightness contrast and other stuffs. Need those tools. The filters are not great. You don't get what you pay for. This may be the worst app.

Jane Saint Vincent

It keeps crashing everytime I try to save my edit or share it. Great fx, but it sucks!

Aliya Galim

How can apply layers of photos in this app??? I want to use 2..3 photos with transparent effect upon each other. Thnkx


Great filters but once you export the quality degrades rubbish. No options for export quality either. Just does what it wants

I did not hit her I did not

Keeps crashing

Miya Marie

Bomb! Favorite editing app.

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