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Pics Craft - Filter & EditorPics Craft - Filter & EditorPics Craft - Filter & EditorPics Craft - Filter & Editor

The description Pics Craft - Filter & Editor Apk

Pics Craft is a powerful, easy-to-use image editing app that can enhance your photos in seconds.

- Advanced imaging tools
- Rich offering of filters & customizable filters
- Efficient user interaction


Pics Craft is a filter-centric app. It is shipped with more than 80 built-in, high quality filters covering a variety of picture styles. In addition, there are more filter offerings available in the online shop.

For those who are creative and want more image styles, Pics Craft allow people to save their edits as customized filters. Furthermore, when logged in, the customized filters will be backed up to the Cloud so they will never be lost.

Pics Craft provides large preview to help you quickly identify the best filters for your images. Besides, you can mark filters you like as “favorite”so you can easily and quickly access them.


Pics Craft provides not only 15 adjustment tools for easy image enhancements but also some powerful, professional tools to unleash your creativity. These pro grade tools include Curve, Split Toning, Hue/Saturation and Color Balance, which can help you create more stylish effects.


A bunch of textures provide you more choices to further enhance your images with attractive effects, such as light leak, spotlight, raindrop and snowy day etc.


In addition to the usual image cropping features, Pics Craft provides you the tools to correct perspective distortion, which can be quite useful in some cases like architecture photography.

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  • 1.1.0
  • Android 4.0.x - Ice Cream Sandwich (SDK: 14)
  • August 13, 2016
  • AFA895CA29845A9CAE50F62961DBB8498D2BDE4E
  • e6a7ddba82502275b8238101889d7bed
  • • UI/UX: Greatly improve user experience with totally optimized UI redesign
    • Crop: Add horizontal flip tool
    • Filter: Add filter management tool to help users reorder filter packs and manage customized/favorite filters
    • Adjustment: Add smoothen tool, which can make skin smoother and brighter
    • Blur: Add Gaussian blur mode
    • Bug fix
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10 recent comments of Pics Craft - Filter & Editor APK

Eric Campbell

I have little use for the filters . Some are so similar as to seem redundant . I like the lighting effects but would like to see a wider variety and the ability to layer and morph . Only way I can is to save again and again until I achieve what I'm after .

D.B Laflare

Every time I try to load a photo from my gallery it always says an unexpected error has occurred please update again

Jeny B

The filters and effect are great and the qlty great too. Also don't stay active all the time as the others. So is a keeper!

Kyra Raye

Some more editing features like draw and blemish remover

Nicole Ferguson

The editing functions and filters are impressive. This is now my default go to app when editing photos

Freddy Zalta

Very enjoyable andgg McKinnon effective

Tawanna Martin

Won't open

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