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Pink of panther Leps worldPink of panther Leps worldPink of panther Leps worldPink of panther Leps worldPink of panther Leps worldPink of panther Leps worldPink of panther Leps world

The description Pink of panther Leps world Apk

Welcome to pink panther lep's world Adventure which is a classic platform game with a journey of our hero in this game the super jabber pink adventure you have access .
for free without paying a dime, all you have to do is to collect some coins on your journey when you reach only 50 coins you can powerfull your super jabber .
growth potion (red potion) that make our little panther bigger and give him the strength to kill and dodge all the monster .
power potion (green potion) that gives you the ability to shoot enemies with canon ball
protection your sboy panther (violet potion) that make you invulnerable for a short moment The sboy PANTHER would like to collect more coins, But there are many obstacles.
You will meet plenty of monsters inside the jungle adventures, you have to dodge all monsters and jump over obstacles in orer to keep super jabber pnather alive.
Help the cute sboy pink by running and jumping.Tap screen to jump and avoid obstacles.This is the most difficult lep's world adventure! Brings you back to childhood
There are over then 80 levels and more coming
It's a game for Kids and adults, It's a really fun game !
for kids and everybody.
Panther games lep's world adventure game It is a game with the adventures of driving , You must help the sboy hero Pink Panther to collect coins and overcome various obstacles in the jungle .
Are you ready to complete all levels ?
super jabber pink fred He likes to collect coins and adventures , In this game there are more than 80 levels , degrees of difficulty As you advance in levels, the game becomes more difficult.
contains well-designed graphics , full of obstaclles and crazy monster which you have to dodge by two moves which are jumping and running . You need a spirit of exploration to go through many levels in different worlds , each one of them full of crazy monsters and obstacles . Run through the long sboy pink path with the wild panther .
Features :
+ Plenty of monsters and obstacles / Well-designed graphics monsters / The exploration of new worlds
+ Well-designed graphics / Beautiful backgrounds and landspace
+ Very simple gameplay and hard exploration fights with bosses
Download for free and enjoy the wild jungle adventures with your super jabber panther in the lep's world of adventures .

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  • 1.0
  • Android 4.0.x - Ice Cream Sandwich (SDK: 15)
  • December 14, 2017
  • 0BD62328EEA90BD91EBCDD5D57BBE142A2D78582
  • 08b51bf6f9be7ce0c36adb0d1bc9e318
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