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PlanBite APPLICATION description

Home cooking made easy
Home cooking. Only a few things are so impactful on your health and wellbeing. We think you can cook anything from the comfort of your home. You just need an assistant and PlanBite is here for you. Explore, experiment and enjoy delicious recipes from our inspiring creators. You're cooking creative and amazing meals? Then show the world your recipes through PlanBite.

❤️ Know what your food contains. Avoid foods with high sugar, fat and salt content. Skip on preservatives by preparing most things by yourself.
❤️ Buy local, seasonal and sustainably-sourced foods. Reduce food waste by being in control of the groceries you buy and the foods you prepare.
❤️ Spend quality time with friends and family while enjoying healthy and delicious dishes prepared together.

But why aren’t all people cooking at home and enjoying those and many more benefits? And the real question: how does PlanBite solves ✅ those problems ⚠️ ?

⚠️ It’s hard to decide what to cook. So many options on so many websites and it's hard to search for criterias you would like. You often forget recipes.
⚠️ Hard to find again that one recipe you cooked 2 months ago and tasted real good.
⚠️ You don’t know wh
✅ PlanBite Recipes. Add your favorite recipes to PlanBite. Share recipes with friends and family. Explore recipes from our creators. Coming soon: Support creators directly inside the app.

⚠️ You don’t know which groceries to buy for the recipes you want.
⚠️ It is time consuming and you still keep forgetting stuff when in the grocery store.
✅ Automatic shopping list with images for all your planned recipes. Add non-food related items too. Everybody in a household can edit this shopping list. Just go in the store and buy everything without much thinking. Coming soon: Online groceries shopping.

⚠️ You don’t know how to prepare the food.
⚠️ You don’t want to scroll through a website with ads or use a heavy cookbook while cooking.
⚠️ You don’t know if you are properly following the steps because there are no images to compare with.
✅ Visual step-by-step guides to properly prepare every dish, no matter how hard.

⚠️ It’s hard sharing the home cooking and grocery shopping tasks between household members.
⚠️ You need to call someone while grocery shopping to know if you are buying the right items.
✅ Share recipes, week plans, shopping lists and more with your friends and family by creating groups.

Our journey is just starting. Join us. Use the PlanBite app. Upload your recipes. Go grocery shopping with PlanBite. Share recipes with the community. ❤️
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