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Poker Odds CalculatorPoker Odds Calculator

The description Poker Odds Calculator Apk

♠ Poker Odds Calculator tells you your odds of winning or losing
♦ View your opponent's odds
♣ Beautiful and simple design
♥ Designed for phones and tablets

☆ As seen on Android Niceties ☆

With Poker Odds Calculator, you can view your odds of winning any hand of Texas Hold'em. As you enter your cards, Poker Odds Calculator starts telling you how likely you are to win your hand by calculating your hand against the table.

This app is intended to give you a good idea of how often you would win or lose based on your hand, amount of players, and the cards on the table. With Poker Odds Calculator, you can have much more confidence before calling or folding.

Support: [email protected]

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  • 1.2
  • Android 2.0.1 - Eclair (SDK: 6)
  • May 8, 2018
  • 227192644C5B456FB983EF372DEE75D7BA03D858
  • 76c8bfcee232323c10e940124a36d674
  • Bug fixes and added translations:
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10 recent comments of Poker Odds Calculator APK

Laurence Caromba

I love this app's design. I saw it featured on AndroidNiceties and immediately bought it. The card selection interface is quick to use, use of Roboto Light is stylish, and the fact that it looks good on tablets is definitely appreciated. I have no problem paying for high-quality, well-designed apps. Unfortunately, the core functionality of the app - the prediction engine - gives some strange results. For example, here is a screenshot I took where I have triple queens, and the app says I have a 0% chance of winning: (removed). By comparison, here's a hand I where I have a pair of twos, and the app says I have a 17% of winning even though there are four higher value cards and a straight possibility on the table: (removed). I realise that the equations to calculate poker odds are extremely complex, but the prediction engine needs for fixed for the app to be useful. Oh, and one final suggestion: it would be nice to see a breakdown of specific outcomes (eg. chance getting a straight) in addition the overall chance of winning. (Edit: removed links to images because review wasn't uploading.)

Martim Lobao

Calculating odds by analyzing the probability of random hands is very inefficient and a huge battery drain since it puts a lot of strain on the CPU. It would be much better if odds were calculated explicitly. Also needs basic things like not allowing you to select the same card twice.

Giacomo Bresciani

Ask you why there are only 5 download! 2,99 is too much! make it free!

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