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Version 0.2
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Polynomials Math Calculator APPLICATION description

With this program ,you can solve any Square/Cubic/Quartic equation. It helped me so many times on my math lessons,that I decided to release it here,so it may help someone else too!
In this app you should enter NUMBERS, not functions! Also,exponents are already there,after each coefficient,so you should not enter any.

About the app comments:
0, 1, & 2 are not giving any answer,because with these numbers it is not a quadratic equation,it is a linear equation.

It works like this, if you have got an equation:
5x^3 - 7x^2 + 2x + 9 = 0

Then you have to select a Cubic equation,and enter the coeffictients as follows:
First: 5
Second: -7
Third: 2
Fourth: 9

You cannot enter any functions, and I don't understand why would you do that,then it stops being a polynomial and this app is a polynomial solver!

If you got any problems with my app,please email me before you give a low score, I am sure that with your help I can fix any problem there is with my app! If you don't email me,I have no way to fix the problem,because I just don't know what the problem is!

Thanks very much for all good comments, that's why I made this app,to help people,thanks for a appreciating it!

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