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Version 1.0.29
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Developer MATH Domain Development
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Pre Algebra APPLICATION description

Get ready for Algebra. Learn and practice important Pre-Algebra topics.
MATH Domain helps you improve your understanding and problem solving skills for math topics typically introduced in Pre Algebra.

General Features
+ A reading area that introduces concepts and problem solving steps.
+ A quiz-like area to reinforce concepts and steps introduced in the reading area.
+ A practice area to further reinforce concepts and improve problem solving accuracy and speed.
+ A progress area that keeps track of progress made in the practice area.

There are four areas:

Learning Area explains topics in an easy-to-read format. All Topics have and Introduction section that outlines what you will be learning. Topics are broken into Sections (where possible). Sections introduce problem solving steps and provide examples covering these steps. Some of these Sections are broken up by Concept Check areas.

Concept Checks quiz you on important concepts and problem solving steps for several topics. These quiz-like areas typically give less than 10 multiple choice questions. The questions are always the same and can be repeated any number of times.

Practice Area is the place to improve problem solving accuracy and speed. There are an unlimited number of randomly generated multiple choice problems. Step by step solutions are available for each problem after the question is answered. You can set your fastest average times or your longest streaks of correct answers for many topics and can post your results to the Leaderboards.

Progress Area keeps track of progress made in the Practice Area, Achievements, and Leaderboards. It displays the total questions answered, the total correct, percentage correct, assigned letter grade, fastest average time, longest streak, and current streak for many topics. You can also use this area to go directly to a Topic's Practice Area.

Outline of Topics
A. Numbers
B. Decimals
---- i. Place Value
---- ii. Rounding
C. Fractions
---- i. Equivalent Fractions
---- ii. Reducing
---- iii. Lowest Common Denominator
---- iv. Improper to Mixed Number
---- v. Mixed Number to Improper
D. Exponents
---- i. Evaluation
E. Radicals
---- i. Evaluation
F. Absolute Values
G. Conversions
---- i. Fraction to Decimal
---- ii. Decimal to Fraction
H. Inequalities
---- i. Comparisons
A. Multiply, Divide, Add, and Subtract
---- i. Integers (positive and negative numbers)
---- ii. Fractions
A. The Order of Operations
---- i. PEMDAS

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Available Languages:
- English (U.S.) only

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