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Version 1.0.4
Size 84.24 MB (88,327,092 bytes)
Developer AVIRISE
Category Games, Puzzle
Package Name sort.puzzle.color.game.sorting
OS 5.0 and up

Puzzle Games: Color Prisoners GAME description

Sorting Game with coloring Prisoner & Aliens. Sort thinking pazzal Simple match
🧩 Prisoners: 🌈 Sort It By Color 🌈 - Sorting Puzzle Category Game is here for you! This popular game is the best bet for people who want to stimulate their brains without studying for hours. You can just play while sitting in a cab, waiting for the next lecture, making coffee, and the list goes on.

As you see, there are lots of games where the process consists of pouring colored water into tubes. Yes, it's impossible to count them; therefore, we decided to create something new that will destroy the monotony of the range of games.

Prisoners Sorting Puzzle - How to Play

🧩 You see characters in colouring clothing - yellow, red, gray, black, etc. Your task is to sort them into the appropriate containers having 2 empty blocks. Moreover, your task is to avoid their mixing by color. Keep in mind that it's not an easy feat! It isn't as simple as you think.
So there are different races of units:
💠 Human;
💠 Klaak;
💠 Orlak;
💠 Bengu;
💠 Mondora;
💠 Shafi;
💠 Gumon.
Thanks to that, you'll avoid a boring game and will relish matching a puzzle. Moreover, each unit has its own features of race and shape, but the color is the same for all of them having two modes: Normal colors and Special textures.

The features of Prisoners Units

🧩 Let's get pleasure looking at the main advantages:
💠 lots of levels that are interesting because of their challenging coloring match task;
💠 this game is suitable for adults and children at the same time;
💠 app is free to download and play;
💠 you can restart the level if feel that you'll fail it;
💠 levels where you have to make a color switch;
💠 casual combinations in each level that you can't predict;
💠 you may use only one finger to control the game process;
💠 you can play this game whenever and wherever as all you need is your smartphone;
💠 boost your intelligence in a funny way without boring classes;
💠 easy-to-use interface;
💠 the good game that you haven't ever seen among colo sorting puzzle.
Also, Prisoners: Sort It by Color is very bright and it's saturated with images. Be sure that you won't see any monotonous things sorting them. Moreover, you'll listen to relaxing noise that will help you focus on the game process and win.

How to Get Ahead

🧩 There are no secrets to being successful in playing this app. Just play it again and again, try to master it, and you'll see the results very soon!
Be careful when playing this app as you can get stuck in one level and you won't be thinking out of the box while struggling with a certain level. But be patient too! Don't give up! As we said, just try more and more. Maybe you'll find that some levels are a piece of cake for you; therefore, you can jump to the next ones and try to win.
So do you want to relax and develop your brain? Download this small android pazzal - it for free, separate units in different clothing, and succeed!
Feel free to write a review as you can help us improve this game, add new features, and fix bugs in it.
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