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Private Bookmarks - UC BrowserPrivate Bookmarks - UC BrowserPrivate Bookmarks - UC Browser

The description Private Bookmarks - UC Browser Apk

Note: Private Bookmarks is an add-on of UC Browser, and UC Browser must be installed to use it.

Private Bookmarks is a bookmark folder that no one can access except you. If you have any bookmarks you don't want to share with others, just put them in Private Bookmarks and set up a password.

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• Private Bookmarks is an add-on of UC Browser. For better experience, please download the latest version of UC Browser here.
• UC Browser is a fast and smart browser that gives you excellent browsing experience and helps to reduce your data cost. UC Browser is currently used and recommended by 400,000,000 users worldwide.

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  • Android 2.2.x - Froyo (SDK: 8)
  • January 10, 2016
  • 9cf9d3955d37c95fea14e1a8e7a73179
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10 recent comments of Private Bookmarks - UC Browser APK

Dragan Nedeljkovic

I though its private bookmark for uc mini too but I was blind , there's no plugins add-ons for uc mini too

Damian Adelle

Really easy to use and great functionality, everything about UC browser is perfect!, these addons + youtube + page compatibility is what makes UC the best of all mobile browsers. This add-on is other of the reasons why I love UC, it's really helpful for a workplace where are there dozens of prying eyes everywhere.

Matt C.

Misleading, apparently the author doesn't know the difference between a pattern and a password? App does not allow the use of passwords but only allows a pattern. Then it requires a trivial predetermined security question to future undermined it's trivial security. Needs to allow passwords for stronger security and security question should be optional and customizable.

Rifat Alam

Please help, it worked fine for months and now ours nor appearing over the list, uninstalled sms reinstalled it many times, still nothing....

Aayush Bibhuti

Nice one and size is also quite small , keeps bookmarks safe amd secured

Vedansh Surjan

It was doing goos until it just shows in uc browser dat it is not installed but in market it is installed

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