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Version 1.7.13
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Developer Quizz School
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Quiz | Orienteering race GAME description

Learn control descriptions and map symbols of orienteering by playing quizzes!
With Quiz School, learn all control descriptions and map symbols of orienteering race by playing quizzes.

All content in the app is unlockable for free, with the diamonds you earn by playing.

The educational content is structured by theme. You can therefore unlock symbols as you progress.

For better memorization, Quiz School offers you other game modes:
- Review all control descriptions and map symbols of orienteering race you have already learned
- Review your mistakes
- Compete with other players every week to test your knowledges !

Learning is done in a playful way: Quiz School offers different types of questions and different types of progressive and varied quizzes to help you stay motivated!

By playing about ten minutes a day, you can manage to master all the content of the application in a few months!

Approach 👩‍🎓👨‍🎓

Learning a list of items, like control descriptions and map symbols, is difficult and boring.

Quiz School is a serie of applications designed to make this learning easy, effective and fun:

• Symbols are organized into consistent and progressive content.
• Learning to identify a symbol of orienteering race from its name and then identifying a name's symbol helps you to remember more effectively.
• The different types of questions help to work on different aspects of memory.
• Game modes are there to help you review what you've already learned, so you remember what you've learned permanently.
• Quiz School is a fun app to use. You always learn better if you have fun!

Quiz School in detail 🔎🏃‍♀️

Quiz School offers 4 types of quizzes:
• Classic quiz: answer all questions with less than 3 errors to get your stars.
• Timed quiz: answer as many questions as possible in the allotted time to get as many stars as possible.
• Review quiz: A quiz to review all control descriptions and map symbols of orienteering race that you have already learned so far in Quiz School.
• Error correction quiz: Quiz School invites you to review questions for which you made a mistake. Answer correctly to remove all your mistakes!

Each quiz consists of a series of questions:
• « Guess the symbol » question: You have to guess the control description or map symbol from it's name.
• « Guess the name» question: You have to guess control description or map symbol's name.
• « Guess all » question: Find all the symbols of orienteering race in the question.
• « Hidden texts » question: Only the initials are displayed. This is a good exercise to practice remembering a control description or map symbol on your own.

The application includes more than 60 quizzes structured by themes to teach you control descriptions or map symbols of orienteering race. The themes are:

• Land topology
• Reliefs and boulders
• Natural elements
• Land
• Control flag location
• Man-made elements
• Human constructions
• Special instructions and other information
• Water, vegetation and symbols
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