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Version 0.2.4112
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Developer ilMare Games
Category Games, Strategy
Package Name com.ilmare.RealmsOfIdle
OS 4.0 and up

Realms of Idle GAME description

In this Idle Kingdom Builder create an epic army to defeat your enemies!
Are you ready to fight an EPIC battle of the Medieval idle ages? Grab your sword, put on your armor, find your courage, get grinding and be prepared for a WAR of the idle empire kingdoms! Build the ultimate army and lead your medieval idle warriors to sweet victory for your beloved kingdom! Realms of Idle is known as THE BEST free strategy game out there! Now is the time to devise a strategy to forge the ultimate idle empire!

HOW TO PLAY Start with one castle and conquer nearby castles and forts to expand your empire’s territory! Tap to upgrade the clicker mines inside your castle to generate income and strategize ways to become more powerful in your warrior battles and expand your realm. Upgrade your basic units to unlock more powerful ones: Generals, Knights, Assassins and more! How many intimidating realm grinder warriors can you build? Four opponents will build powerful armies and fight to conquer you and each other. See how far you can upgrade your castles and generate gold to build and improve your medieval army and expand your total realm!

Line up your crossbow and put on your chainmail, falchion and rapier because an onager is incoming!


Build a kingdom that all of your friends will envy!
- 4 difficulty modes that require different types of strategie
- 60+ unlockable warrior units!
- Heroes, Gods, Mythological Monsters, knights, archers, barbarians, skeletons, wizards, paladins, assassins and more! Meet the grinder forces of armor!
- 30 upgradable buildings, including castles and forts! Expand your empire!
- 4 idle game scenarios and counting!
- Meet the forces of Challenging AI!
- Unique combination of strategy and idle clicker game!
- Reign supreme over your medieval idle opponents!

Realms of Idle is a fun, free strategie game that will test your planning skills and management abilities. Build a kingdom to evolve your medieval idle clicker game skills. Get your mind gears grinding as you devise new battle strategy to conquer nearby kingdoms and build your own medieval idle empire! Have you ever fought an idle war before? Plan in advance so that your kingdom clicker

Realms of Idle is a fun, free strategy grinder game that will test your planning skills and management abilities.

NEW SCENARIO! Realms of Odin:
Fight side by side with vikings, berserkers and krakens in the new norse mythology based scenario! Expand your feudum, from your longhouse and trelleborg to a remote glacier, summon creatures from Valhalla using ancient runes and sunstones.
Acquire the nibelung ring and reach the bifrost bridge to prepare to conquer Asgard!
Brunhilda, Hagen and Gunther will try to stop you, but no one can!

NEW SCENARIO! Realms of Zeus:
A group of spartans lead by Leonidas is sighted from the acropolis! Will Odysseus be able to stop them using it's great wisdom? Maybe you'll need help from Perseus to kill Medusa before she turns your army into a museum exposition. Make sure you train Heracles, it's known that he is powerful enough to fight gods, maybe he can be useful in Ragnarok?

More scenarios coming soon!

Download the best free medieval idle grinder game NOW!
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