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Version 1.7
Size 7.9M
Developer UpwardSpiral
Category Apps, Personalization
Package Name com.upwardspiral.Red_Remixd
OS 2.3 and up

Red Remix for CM7 (Donate) APPLICATION description

This is the donate version of Red Remix. it is otherwise completely the same as the free version :)

Red Remix is a theme app for the new theme engine included in CyanogenMod 7. To use this app, you must have the T-Mobile theme system build into your operating system.

Install instructions: Download the theme, then go to the theme chooser app in your app drawer. Select this theme from the menu to apply. YOU MUST REBOOT YOUR PHONE AFTER APPLYING OR UPDATING THEME.


This app comes with 9 built in wallpapers that are color-matched to the theme. To download them, just search theme chooser wallpapers on the market or select "view more applications" below. Directions for using the wallpapers are found there.


This them includes optional LauncherPro Plus widget theming. To theme the LPP widgets, you have two options:

1)Download the LPP theme with the same name as the theme you are using. These are static themes (don’t change color automatically) and your non-rooted friends can use them too.

2)Download the Chameleon theme that I made. When you are not using one of my themes, it looks like Blue Bionic. However, this automatically will change colors whenever you change between any of my themes :)

==Basic Version==

There is a basic version of this theme available on the android market. It is just like this one, but does not have any 3rd party apps or widgets themed. If you like the color but want a more stock look, be sure to check it out.

Please see “Visit the developer’s web page” below for FAQ and troubleshooting.

*Questions or comments? Please email me as I cannot respond to comments below.*

No seriously, contact me if something is going wrong. I want to help if at all possible.
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