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Regal: Movie Tickets & ShowtimesRegal: Movie Tickets & ShowtimesRegal: Movie Tickets & ShowtimesRegal: Movie Tickets & Showtimes

The description Regal: Movie Tickets & Showtimes Apk

Find showtimes and buy movie tickets online at a Regal theatre near you. Read movie reviews and watch trailers for movies out now before buying your tickets in the app. Sign into your Regal Crown Club and start using your movie rewards now.

• See movies playing in theatres now or movies coming soon
• Find showtimes and theatre locations near you
• Purchase movie tickets instantly
• Watch movie trailers
• Use your Regal Crown Club to earn and redeem movie rewards

• Save your favorite theatres
• Easily search for theatres in other locations
• See movies and showtimes at a specific theatre
• Get directions to the theatre

• Browse and order available concessions at select theatres
• Get concession discounts with Unlimited and Regal Crown Club memberships
• Receive alerts when concession orders are ready for pickup

• Earn coupons for concessions
• Scan and store your Regal Crown Club card for quick use
• Check your Regal Crown Club balance

• Discover movie reviews and audience ratings
• Access Twitter to read real-time options on current movies
• Find movie synopsis, runtimes and cast


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  • 8.6.0
  • (SDK: )
  • October 7, 2020
  • 8ECACAF16B9A72AC4D5AD81FE094CBFC0764B0AD
  • 7e54ff9581bd5b2cd32f217f2752c9a1
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  • 8.6.0
  • (SDK: )
  • October 5, 2020
  • 8ECACAF16B9A72AC4D5AD81FE094CBFC0764B0AD
  • 2515ef30a7a352c6c080d064fbd1c1b2
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  • 8.5.0
  • (SDK: )
  • September 15, 2020
  • 8ECACAF16B9A72AC4D5AD81FE094CBFC0764B0AD
  • f10b09f40744153419376b9fec650e31
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  • 8.3.0
  • (SDK: )
  • August 23, 2020
  • 8ECACAF16B9A72AC4D5AD81FE094CBFC0764B0AD
  • 8a523d96c750d8ba098a99c755990f8d
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  • 8.1.0
  • (SDK: )
  • August 9, 2020
  • 8ECACAF16B9A72AC4D5AD81FE094CBFC0764B0AD
  • ec1dd0e4f7d90b85f39eb9451ecc9b8d
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  • 7.8.0
  • (SDK: )
  • March 28, 2020
  • 8ECACAF16B9A72AC4D5AD81FE094CBFC0764B0AD
  • 431416739b3f4970a92a3f2767d0c043
  • Updated messaging to keep our guests informed. We look forward to serving you again as soon as possible.
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  • 7.7.0
  • (SDK: )
  • March 11, 2020
  • 8ECACAF16B9A72AC4D5AD81FE094CBFC0764B0AD
  • 59f6e2629a2f501ac142abf361b94fdd
  • Enhancements and bug fixes.
    Thank you for choosing Regal!
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  • 7.6.0
  • (SDK: )
  • March 9, 2020
  • 8ECACAF16B9A72AC4D5AD81FE094CBFC0764B0AD
  • 1c1d74dadcaf542f59e4cf40b29f5d9f
  • Enhancements and bug fixes.
    Thank you for choosing Regal!
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  • 7.6.0
  • (SDK: )
  • February 28, 2020
  • 8ECACAF16B9A72AC4D5AD81FE094CBFC0764B0AD
  • cd3f09a7f6ade26f6fe4c3090b2964fd
  • Enhancements and bug fixes.
    Thank you for choosing Regal!
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  • 7.5.0
  • Android 5.0 - Lollipop (SDK: 21)
  • February 18, 2020
  • 8ECACAF16B9A72AC4D5AD81FE094CBFC0764B0AD
  • db82d7074a84f9ccb450cb3e42dcdc91
  • Regal Crown Club members can now retrieve movie tickets purchased on within the My Tickets section of the app.
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10 recent comments of Regal: Movie Tickets & Showtimes APK

Matthew Fortune

I used to enjoy this app quite a bit until about 2 weeks ago when it started texting me items from the Specials section. I can not get it to stop despite the fact that I have the "Send me text messages for special Regal Cinemas portions and alerts" turned OFF. I have even turned it on then back off to make sure it is OFF. Regal get your stuff together and stop sending out these texts and notifications if people do not want them.

Sydney Perez

Has all basic information with an easy menu. Just wish they would have an explanation of their membership perks to convince me to sign up. I don't feel like reading through the long fine print version.

A Google User

Seems about the same as the fandango app. One thing it has over the fandango one is that it actually shows if passes are accepted for a movie or not. Would be 5 stars if it incorporated info about crown card points balances and next rewards.

Karilyn Putt

This app used to be good. Now I can't even sign on to it. Whatgood is an ap if it only half works? Went to the movies and it didn't even register it. Lost points asit didn't load. :(

Kaleigh Crowley

Some reason the app will not let me scroll all the way down to view all of the page. It will automatically scroll back to the top. Its happens on each page I go on in the app.

Jack Wong

Like not having to have to carry my regal movie card with me. But I ABSOLUTELY HATE the new reward system. Bring back the old one!

Ronald Paola

It constantly sends audible notifications at all hours and I can't silence without turning off my text message notifications. Wakes me up all the time so I have to delete the app.

Querlaine Blas

The app is great and very useful, but I can't find the theater where I live. I've tried searching for everything I can think of, but no success. I would give 5 stars if it weren't for this issue.

Sue Pelzel

Would love to provide feedback on how the app functions but it doesn't and I can't. Circle spins and changes colors. Haven't seen it do anything else.

Cory Battan

But this app used to be amazing and for over 6 months it takes an act of congress to get it to load and show theaters and movie times its ridiculous one of my favorite apps for movies and it doesn't even do its main function please fix this

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