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Riyaz - Learn Singing APPLICATION description

Learn to sing your favorite songs, hindustani, carnatic, and western music.
How to become a singer? How to sing better? If these thoughts are always on your mind, then you may want to Download Riyaz. We can help you learn to sing easy songs, voice training, vocal exercises and singing courses specially designed for you. Think of Riyaz as your very own vocal coach for your singing needs.

Riyaz makes learning to sing easy. People often ask how to become a singer. Well, we made Riyaz just for them. Whether you want to improve your voice, train to perform or gain music knowledge. Our singing lessons are tailored to meet your goals. We have 100’s of singing courses recorded by qualified vocal coaches. The vocal lessons consist of singing exercises for beginners, easy songs to sing and warmups for singing. Riyaz is the complete package for anyone training to sing.

Can Riyaz really teach you how to sing better? Here’s how we help:

⭐ Get real-time guidance and instantly correct your mistakes while you sing any song or practice a vocal exercise.

⭐ Learn singing using 1000s of existing practice lessons prepared by renowned vocal coaches across various genres including Hindustani, Carnatic, Bhajans, Bollywood Songs & more!

⭐ Sing a song from 1000s of popular songs from our curated collection and get your mistakes corrected in real time.

⭐ Learn to sing Western music! Start with The Major Pentatonic Scale to learn simple songs and basic musical notes. Following this, the exercises in Western Vocals 101 will help you explore your vocal abilities such as agility and flexibility. In Mastering Solfège, you can hone your solfège skills and develop a good ear.

🎼 Features Designed To Ensure The Best Practice
Our proprietary technology allows you to hit the right note every time you practice. Here are some key features that help you practice more effectively:
- Auto-segmentation of songs into easy to practice phrases
- Looping of error-prone areas to master lessons better
- Summary of progress and errors after each practice session
- After receiving feedback, auto-loop those error-prone areas to unlearn mistakes.

🎶 1000s of Songs to Practice & Learn
Sing a song of your choice from our curated collection of songs. Learn how to sing them correctly with the help of our realtime feedback which mimics a music teacher. From easy songs to sing to difficult ones. We have it all.

Learn to sing popular songs from over 11+ languages - English, Hindi, Malayalam, Tamil, Kannada, Telugu, Marathi, Bengali, Spanish, French, and Arabic.

🎧 Get Access To Our Vast Library
Get access to thousands of carefully curated practice lessons in Carnatic, Hindustani, Devotional (light classical), Bhajans, Ghazals, and Western Classical music!

Whether you are a kid, teenager, or adult, Riyaz supports all vocal ranges across all singing courses for comfortable practice!

Riyaz is a music learning app that enables you to learn to sing at home and millions of learners are using riyaz app to learn classical music and also as a voice training app. Riyaz is the perfect companion for learning to sing for beginners. Some call it riyaaz app or reyaz app as well! 🤩

Download Riyaz and join one of the fastest-growing networks of music learning students in the world! 🌎

If you have questions, suggestions, or feedback please write to us at [feedback]@riyazapp[dot]com
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