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19173 votes, 4.5/ 5
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  • 2.1.3
  • Android 4.0.x - Ice Cream Sandwich
  • Atelier 801
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Run for Cheese FREERun for Cheese FREERun for Cheese FREERun for Cheese FREERun for Cheese FREERun for Cheese FREERun for Cheese FREERun for Cheese FREERun for Cheese FREERun for Cheese FREERun for Cheese FREERun for Cheese FREERun for Cheese FREERun for Cheese FREE

The description Run for Cheese FREE Apk

RUN to gather cheese!
JUMP to avoid obstacles and feed the mice!

You’re the almighty shaman mouse. Gather as much cheese as possible to feed the starving mice in this original endless runner.
Jump from one platform to the next, avoid deadly traps and enemies. Pick up powerups to rush farther and get even more cheese.

TRANSFORMICE GAME WORLD FOR THE FIRST TIME ON MOBILE AND TABLET! Rediscover this cute and fun mice world on your mobile phone and computer tablet. Om nom nom, cheese is so good!

RUN ALWAYS FARTHER! Let’s see how far you can get the scores up! Challenges await you everywhere.

A LOT OF OBSTACLES AND ENEMIES! Skills and fast reflexes will be a must to avoid losing cheese upon a bad encounter.

INCREDIBLE POWERS! Become invincible, a cheese magnet or even jump endlessly. Your shaman powers have no limits!

GET ALL THE ACHIEVEMENTS! Be the best and marvel at the results with the achievement board.

NUMEROUS GAME MODES TO UNLOCK! Flying, greedy, diabolic mouse and more mouse abilities to discover in all these fun available game modes!

CHOOSE YOUR TITLE AND CUSTOMIZE YOUR GAME ENVIRONMENT! Be the best to win special titles and various environments for your game!

A simple and intuitive touch-screen interface, available in numerous languages* and for all ages!

This free version of Run for Cheese contains ads.
Run for Cheese has no in-app purchases.

*English, French, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Italian, German, Norwegian, Finnish, Dutch, Russian, Turkish, Hungarian, Romanian, Slovak, Polish

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  • 2.1.3
  • Android 4.0.x - Ice Cream Sandwich (SDK: 15)
  • January 13, 2016
  • 9dd67f8be9a1d3d94c085e323036ac98
  • - Misc improvements
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  • 2.0.0
  • Android 4.0.x - Ice Cream Sandwich (SDK: 15)
  • January 13, 2016
  • 1E4E69738A0E577A75241F8BD2D726487552CAFB
  • 44b31128a843da5a4d91a211b9e1ae05
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10 recent comments of Run for Cheese FREE APK

Who is me

YESS!! I REALLY LOVE THE GAME (in the computer to) Even thought this one dont have multiplayer play, but its still good! I lovee it, btw can you add some clothing for the mice? THX BEST GAME EVER

KoolCat222 AJ

I had this game on my old tablet and i connected my tfm account to run for cheese but my tablet got broken so now it says when i go to connect with my tfm account on run for cheese it says something like this account is linked with a different device so i cant play with my tfm account that has a lot of stuff on it. So now i have to make a new account on run for cheese i would rate this a 5 star if you could fix my problem.

A Google user

Great game! I am always playing it, although there is one problem... the difficulty. It is very fun and addictive, but, the game seems very hard to pass most levels. It's still a good game though!


Great game! Since I'm so addicted to Ciamice, TFM, and MiceForce, this can keep me concentrated on a game somewhat like them so I don't rage and turn into a complete retard. My usernames: TFM: Edenpr0ject CIA: Paige MF: Paigie

A Google user

I absolutely love this, and it's kind of addicting.. it's a great time killer. It's pretty fun and dopey, but maybe you should add stuff like customizing your mouse, and possibly: "every ___ cheese you earn on this earns you 1 on the desktop version" (and would add it to the profile)

Lps Wires

I loved this game!! Its like the real transofrmice allthough I would like if you could add clothes for my mouse to wear and make vanillas and survivors and etc!! Over all you should install this game its worth it! ❤️

Tiger 54813

This game is really fun, including the PC version. I have an idea for this game though.. I think it would be cool when you collect cheese on here you could transfer the cheese you collected to your transformice account. That would be very helpful, especially to people who have to share their computers. If there is anyway you can add this in please do, it would make this game even more epic. ?

A Google user

The game is fun, but when I reach a high score or something, it crashes. So working hard for a new mode and ending up in game crash is not fun. Hope atelier 801 can fix this!

Clarisse Paulin

you should allow the real online transformice on mobiles. not just on conputers. its kinda boring without the real transformice that are in PCs are not in mobile. If you cant do my request, ill give u four stars. four is better than one right?


I have a really good idea that you should add to this app. I think that the cheese you collect should also go to your transformice account on pc. So the cheese you earn on the app also goes to your computer account. So it's like they link. Please use this idea! Other then that this app is great!

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