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Version 3.9.4
Size 28.20 MB (29,564,626 bytes)
Developer Codoon Inc.
Category Apps, Health & Fitness
Package Name net.blastapp
OS 4.4

Runtopia-Reward Run Tracker APPLICATION description

Track runs, rides & steps, earn rewards! Stay motivated in your active lifestyle
🏃‍♂️🏆 Runtopia - The Ultimate Running Tracker That Pays You to Walk, Run, and Live a Healthier Life! 💰💪
With Runtopia, every step you take and every mile you run can be converted into Sports Coins, similar to Sweatcoin, Stepcoin, and Lifecoin. These coins can be exchanged for amazing rewards like PayPal cash, gift cards, memberships, and more through our LUCKY WHEEL GAME, just like Growfitter! Whether you're a beginner, marathon enthusiast, or aiming to lose weight and get in shape, Runtopia is the perfect walking and running tracker to help you achieve your goals and earn rewards along the way! 💪
🌟 Runtopia also offers a variety of features to make your workouts more efficient and keep you motivated:
1. Real-time tracking of running and walking data, including distance, pace, calories, and more 📊
2. Professional real-time voice guidance to make your training more effective 🎧
3. Personalized training plans based on individual needs, suitable for all fitness levels and weight loss goals 📈
4. A community of millions of running enthusiasts from around the world, encouraging each other and progressing together 👥
5. Win PayPal cash, gift cards, and more through the LUCKY WHEEL game, just like walk and earn apps!
6. Fun fitness tasks to help you earn Sports Coins faster 💰
7. Beautiful medal system, rewarding you for every record broken or achievement unlocked 🎖️
💰 It Pays to Walk and Run with Runtopia 💰 Earn Sports Coins by completing walking and running tasks and tracking your step count, then use them to join the LUCKY WHEEL to get rewards you love: memberships, PayPal cash, gift cards, and more. The more you exercise, the faster you'll earn rewards, similar to Sweatcoin and Stepcoin!
🎁 Motivating Reward Mechanism 🎁 We use Sports Coins to encourage everyone to get moving, just like Lifecoin and Growfitter. Whether you enjoy running or walking, you can earn Sports Coins every day by completing different tasks and accumulating steps. The more you exercise, the more Sports Coins you'll accumulate. Runtopia's goal is to get everyone moving and enjoying the fun of fitness!
👍 Support from an Active Running and Walking Community 👍 The Runtopia community brings together fitness enthusiasts from hundreds of countries around the world, all with a common interest: walking, running, and staying healthy. Share experiences, encourage each other, and make new friends. Whether you feel lonely or energetic, Runtopia will accompany you on your journey!
💪 Challenge Yourself and Keep Improving 💪 Daily exercise tasks, themed online races, and rewards for different running levels allow you to fully enjoy the fun of running and working out. Online running events of various levels, from 1K to full marathon, are suitable for all runners! If your goal is to sculpt a fit body, you can also choose our personalized training plans.
👉 Runtopia is dedicated to helping you enjoy walking, running, burning calories, and becoming a healthier version of yourself. We incentivize fitness, allowing you to earn money through exercise, helping you develop a healthy habit and fully enjoy the fun of working out. Are you ready to start your journey? Download the best running tracker that pays you to walk and run! Runtopia is waiting for you! 💖💖💥

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Support: [email protected]
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