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Ruzivo-Extramarks Learning AppRuzivo-Extramarks Learning AppRuzivo-Extramarks Learning AppRuzivo-Extramarks Learning App

The description Ruzivo-Extramarks Learning App Apk

Ruzivo-Extramarks brings you the best among online educational apps – the Ruzivo-Extramarks Learning App! It is widely used by learners across Africa.

Aligned to International curriculum, this App gives all students, parents and teachers the opportunity to benefit through smart and interactive learning. Early, middle or high school, this App gives you complete curriculum coverage. Our lessons cover Math, Sciences and English, and are immensely helpful in self-study, homework, project work, assignments and so much more!

Ruzivo-Extramarks is Unique.
• Visual and engaging modules- we recreate boring concepts into visually-enriching learning modules.
• Globally recognised pedagogy of Learn. Practice. Test, making learning a holistic experience.
• Gamified lessons for junior learners with rich, colourful, engaging visuals.
• Layered and multimedia-rich learning for senior learners, which simplify complex concepts.
• Lots of practice and test questions to complete the understanding- both topic-wise and subject-wise.

Structured Learning Methodology
• LEARN – Visual learning modules which make even difficult algebra sound like fun! Here, learning happens through rich animations and multimedia lessons.
• PRACTICE – Each concept introduced in ‘Learn’ is practiced and perfected in this segment through a variety of questions and activities.
• TEST – This segment is the evaluation of one’s understanding and performance. Through an exhaustive set of questions designed topic-wise and chapter-wise, ‘Test’ make a learner ready for exams!

This App is a one-stop solution for everything a learner needs! Never forget what you learnt at school, revise and retain it with us! With interactive and engaging lessons, we make learning fun! When you enjoy learning, you will learn more and the same will reflect in your results.

Do not wait any longer! Choose your grade, subject and topic and start studying, right away!

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  • Ruzivo-Extramarks is here to completely change the way you learn by making concepts simple, visual and engaging! Learning can now happen anytime, anywhere!
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