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Safaricom M-LedgerSafaricom M-LedgerSafaricom M-LedgerSafaricom M-LedgerSafaricom M-LedgerSafaricom M-LedgerSafaricom M-LedgerSafaricom M-LedgerSafaricom M-Ledger

The description Safaricom M-Ledger Apk

M-Ledger is an application that transforms your phone into a financial journal from your M-PESA transactions. M-Ledger will download your M-PESA History from Safaricom and compare this against your local M-PESA text messages generating a detailed record of your transactions including graphs and charts.

Key features include:

1. Access to your immediate last 6 months of M-PESA history .
2. Universal search facility for PayBill, Buy Goods, Bank USSD Codes and transactions.
3. A recent dashboard displaying your most recent transactions, colour coded and easy to read.
4. Total amount of money sent by day, month and year.
5. List of transactions by person, business, utility, etc.
6. Top 20 list of people you send and receive M-PESA.
7. Total transactions by type; i.e. Airtime, PayBill, etc.
8. Export of transactions to Excel.

For more information on m-ledger, visit

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  • 5.0
  • Android 2.2.x - Froyo (SDK: 8)
  • January 29, 2017
  • 32AC9B5C40DE7C868EAE2050F8E66EC0A5E594F9
  • cdcc1882e4c8e5a298d759644aa7e9ec
  • ver 5.0.104
    Bugs and fixes
    Adds Reminder option for sms messages. ie you can create a reminder that pops up every x days for an sms, say utility bill
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  • 5.0
  • Android 2.2.x - Froyo (SDK: 8)
  • January 14, 2016
  • 32AC9B5C40DE7C868EAE2050F8E66EC0A5E594F9
  • e759e75ad756d6732afa7742b244a638
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10 recent comments of Safaricom M-Ledger APK

Paul Gettie

I actually need to give a 4 star ? or even a 5 star ? but I continue hesitating to give you a 3 or 2 star ?. I initially notified you of the SIM RECOGNITION issue. That has never been upgraded on the app. Every time I open, i get notification that the sim has been changed and so isn't the sim of initial installation. I have Uninstalled and installed it several but this has never changed anything. Please check out on the issue and do the necessary.

Sammy Tangus

The app is a great improvement from the previous one and also you are able to view all the transactions for an individual or number. The only negative change is the removal of the costs. Please return or provided for the total costs for transactions and any fees paid. I hope Safaricom is not worried it's costs may seem high. PLEASE INCLUDE COSTS OF TRANSACTIONS OF ALL CATEGORIES, I.E. SENDING, WITHDRAWAL, BILLS PAYMENTS ETC. The response from Safaricom does not address the issue.

Enos Mango

They should improve their security check or whatever they use to determine a simcard change. Everytime i open my sim slot or my phone it tells me i have changed my sim and its the same simcard. I believe the sims provided by saf can be identified by Puk or something how many times should i reinstall this app for fcukd sake?

Ratimo Aduke

This app has a lot of usefulness especially if you use Mpesa a lot. If you want to know that rascal you've been sending the most money too, yap you can find out. If you want to know how much money your landlord yanks from your pocket every year, you got it. The possibilities are endless. Just scratching the surface

Shadrack Kimeu Kasyoka

This is the best MPESA app. A lot of time has been spend on developing this application..You can track all expenses without hustle..excellent work. You can print your data in msexcel worksheet.Congratulation team.If you are using Android phone, this app is for you! If you lose your phone, no worry, your data us backed up somewhere.

Raphael Komen

It is a very usefull app especially trucking my transactions on use of M-pesa. There is need to improve update of the summary to include lastest transaction, my summary shows me upto 7thFeb. or is there something or way i have not discovered or learned?

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