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Safely Family Utility runs on your child’s phone to power the Sprint Mobile Controls and Sprint Drive First products.

Mobile Controls and Drive First are family safety products that run on the Sprint Network and let you block kids’ phone use during school hours or set a teen’s phone to automatically lock when they get behind the wheel.

You only need to install Safely Family Utility on your child’s phone if you’ve already signed up for Sprint Mobile Controls or Sprint Drive First.

Get Sprint Mobile Controls:

Get Sprint Drive First:

☆ Don’t believe the hype—this app does not let your parents “spy” on you or read your texts!
☆ It simply reassures them that you’re not on your phone when you should be paying attention in class or keeping your eyes on the road.
☆ A parent with peace of mind is less likely to confiscate your phone. So ask yourself: would you rather have this app on your phone or not have your phone at all?

You need to install Safely Family Utility on every child’s phone you add to your Sprint Mobile Controls or Sprint Drive First accounts.

Install Safely Family Utility the same way you install any other app from Google Play:
☆ Tap the “Download” button and follow the instructions that appear on your screen.
☆ Once you’ve installed Safely Family Utility, you’ll get an email confirming that the phone has been successfully activated for Mobile Controls or Drive First.

Safely's digital parenting products enhance the personal safety and security of millions of families.

In addition to Sprint Mobile Controls and Sprint Drive First, Safely also lets parents know where their kids are, right now with its Family Locator service. Get it on the Sprint network under the name Sprint Family Locator.

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10 recent comments of Safely Family Utility APK

The Hero

Great app.

Al Avila

Love it!!!

james mcgowan

Go to the bottom and fall as inappropriate for "other objection" and type invasion of privacy and if enough are submitted it might get kicked off the app store

Alex Bowman

This app was created for paranoid parents and privacy invasion. Locking my phone up at 10pm in the middle of summer is unnecessary. So what I stay up till 4am taking to my friends, what business is it of yours anyway? My mother tells me to grow up and stop acting childish, but she still tries to monitor my totally harmless activities like I'm an infant. Even with the lock I still don't even go to bed until 2am. This app is completely fatuous and a waste of my time. 

Alvina Chen

My mother made me get this app since I'm in a boarding school. But i hate the fact that she doesnt trust me enough to handle my phone. It completely wrecked the relationship i had with her because I felt that she had no belief or trust in me and I suppose she really didn't when she forcefully downloaded this app for me. Would not recommend this to any parents that are wanting to keep a relationship with their children. Its been 8 months and I still haven't properly talked to my mom.

Izzy Dubbin

I understand the intention of this app, but you gotta trust your kids to make the right choices with their phones. If they can't, then they shouldn't have them in the first place. Thats on YOU, not your kids. If you're honestly this controlling and paranoid about your kid's phone usage, then take it away until they get their own or they show responsibility. Jesus christ, its not rocket science. But it is Invasion of Privacy, to a small extent.

Jacob Merrill

This app is probably the worst app ever. If you read the description for kids, it says that "parents w/ a peace of mind are less likely to confiscate your smartphone. Would you rather have this app on your phone or not have your phone at all?" Wish i could rate 0 stars. ALL THE 4 AND 5 STAR REVIEWS ARE WRONG!!!!!!

Kaiden Schultz

What the hell? Do you not trust us enough? I mean some kids deserve it but most of us dont. So parents please just back off ?

Cheyenne Billy

I am old enough to understand that you want to know what your kids are doing on thier phones and why they are so attached to it but it is invasion of privacy. We are turning into young adults ,and we do deserve some privacy. Dont get me wrong , I know that we make mistakes but we need to learn lessons by ourselves and we dont need someone just hovering over us and watching everything we do. You try to tell us that you trust us be this doesnt show it at all. MY phone doesnt even feel like its mine anymore.

Paladin Brandis

Mom uses this to run MY social life! ! Ugh! I should be ables to have a second chance at some apps! I hate this stupid family controls crap!!!!

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