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The description Saiyan Legends Apk

Can you tolerate the ravages of the enemy against your homeland? If not, please come in.

Saiyan heroes are here waiting for you. Summon them & lead them to start the most fancy Saiyan journey.Take good care of them, give them the best gear, and find the best partners for them.They will be your TOP FIVE in universe.

Each hero has its corresponding fated set of gears. Collecting a complete set of gear for the hero you love can brings bonus to hero's characteristics of ATK, HP, Rebound, Leech, Tenacity, Dodge, Hit and Crit. Adopt advanced tactics and blow your enemies heads.

Call serveral friends. Build your own exclusive league! Or interacting with warriors from all over the world in world channel.That're a lot fun here! Find like-minded people to make friends. YOUR LEAGUE, YOUR RULES! Morever, there's the cruelest league war here.TO BE OR NOT TO BE,THAT IS NEVER THE QUESTION FOR A LEAGUE WITH STRONG WILL.

Here are the most complete duel systems.Competing with millions of players for the King of Saiyan in Tournament & Cross-server arena; And enjoy the most exciting moment of the day: The Battle of Red Ribbon Army, a live PvP Show!

Please visit or to follow us for the latest news and support. Come on, man. The war begins!

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  • 2.0.4
  • Android 4.0.x - Ice Cream Sandwich (SDK: 15)
  • May 14, 2018
  • 222F1FF470069284E93DCDCE1DEF1C3E0DC6B974
  • f2387440eea955ec151e78cfbbe5627b
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  • 2.0.3
  • Android 4.0.x - Ice Cream Sandwich (SDK: 15)
  • March 31, 2018
  • 222F1FF470069284E93DCDCE1DEF1C3E0DC6B974
  • 1d100ae5fe30978a54965ee429b83f08
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10 recent comments of Saiyan Legends APK

Steve yes Sir

Hi guys Ok first off I will warn you do not purchase anything this app developer has not even bothered to set up a refund support. Every app developer has to have the ability to refund I have reported to google play Unacceptable also like some have stated very easy in beginning then relies on purchases to really progress Beware

A Google user

Started the game up, first battle= meh. "Bulma" or whatever is supposed to pass as her pops up.... her text is riddled with grammatical errors and she offers me some "holy beans" and says we should talk to "The Dragon God" ......... close app, uninstall. At least it uninstalled quickly.

Ian Hallock

Awesome got vegito luckily lol. And collect the gems and save u dont have to pay. U dont have patience in game dont play. U want to spend money quick way to jump ahead!! I spent 20 bucks boom 216k power

Matt Lee

It's great but way to easy in the beginning. I am really far into the story mode and the battles don't last more than a few seconds. Not even long enough for a special to charge up. Also in the fight with Burter, you fight Recoome instead but the name Burter is on the health bar. Also the translation is really bad. It's not totally unacceptable but it really needs fixing.

Jaedon Playz

It's a great game and all, but I can't click tournament because my home button is in the way. Please make it so that the home button is moved out of the way until I swipe it onto the screen.

mike c

Another gacha game. So all you addicts and whales, be sure to give them all your money so they can make another terrible game. How disgusting, what the industry has become.

Greg Roberts

This game is an insult to Dragon Ball. Equiping Goku with a shotgun is ridiculous. Then there's the random thugs that you fight before Raditz, wth? This game has potential as a non-dragon ball game.

keanu tamatea

Lost all of my gems I have had saved up... So as of now there gone so is this game with it gone of my phone and with the rating it deserves, such a a waste of my time can't believe it

Jordan Kerr

Does anyone else have a whole load of random sound files after downloading this ? Downloaded this last night and woke up this morning to a music play list littered with random sounds from the game. Edit: Just checked and its just under 200 sounds from the game. Goodbye terrible game...

Matt Salermo

This game is complete garbage i spent hrs leveling up and saving ip diamonds from tournament i get back on and i lost 4k diamons i cant get back because it still says im at the same rank in tournament but i lost all my charactets for 7 lvls that i gained which from 30 to 37 takes like 3 hrs i unistall after that dnt play this garbage is my review

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