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The description Samsung MobileLink Apk

- Install MobileLink App to your Android Smartphone and enjoy sharing photos and videos from Samsung SMART Camera to your Smartphone instantly

- Provides preview function of photos stored in Samsung SMART Camera
- Provides wireless-multiple copy function of photos and videos stored in Samsung SMART Camera

- Wirelessly connect Samsung SMART Camera and Android Smartphone by using Application
- View, select and copy selected files wirelessly by using Application
- Copy original files stored in SMART Camera to Android Smartphone

Compatible devices
- Android version : 2.2(Froyo) or higher, display WVGA(320*480) or higher
- Supported Samsung SMART camera : WB850F, WB150F, DV300F, ST200F and other Wi-Fi applied models from 2012
( May not operate normally in some devices.)

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  • 1.7.13
  • Android 2.2.x - Froyo (SDK: 8)
  • January 11, 2016
  • 80722F9F5319B1562188AC3E24B7041572BCEED2
  • 4e34ecb20c06317713cf05448baaf8d5
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10 recent comments of Samsung MobileLink APK

Rose M Aurora

Why this app deleted my old transfered photos on my Tab? I don't want to delete those photos, and it's funny that only new photos will be able to be transfered but not the old ones. Please fix this!

Whitney Nicklas

I loved this app. I constantly use it between my NX1000 and S4. Now it refuses to recognize each other with the latest update. Uninstalled and reinstalled and still won't connect. Please fix this so I can go back to posting beautiful photos!

Lloyd Dunkin

Used to like this app had no problems with my Galaxy S4 before but now it will not connect even when standing right next to the router. I have uninstalled and reinstalled several times please get this fixed

Marlene Jupin

This was working fine when I first downloaded this app a year ago and now it is horrible. I have tried numerous times to transfer my pictures via the mobile link and I never get a connection. Whatever happened to the UPDATES?? 4/1/14 I just read one of the reviews that indicated how to correct this problem is if you HOLD DOWN THE WIFI BUTTON , then rselect advanced, scroll down until you see Auto Network Switch and UNCHECK IT....IT WILL THEN WORK.

nisa qisthi mirrotin

Please fix it. I can't syncronize one with another, i dont know whats wrong.. U should make an update for this one

Robert Birch

Totally useless. It worked on my old Nexus 7 but will not work on my Nexus 7 (2nd generation). Any suggestions?

brad bolduc

I had this app on my SIII and loved it. But when I got my S5 it didn't work.... naturally I was like wtf? But easy fix. Put the phone and camera close together. Turn on your mobile link on your camera (by doing so, you activate the cameras own WiFi that's built into it)... then on your phone go into setting. WiFi networks, Look on your camera there's a code that should be showing and select that code on your phone, a log in will pop up, enter the same code. Enjoy!

Scott Croston

What happened?! Used to work great (5 stars) now shows connected to the camera wifi then time outs. I have deleted/reinstalled several times as this has worked in the past but no more...please fix! Galaxy Note 10.1 and Galaxy Nexus. *update... Turns out it was the SD card in the camera. New card and is syching perfectly. 5 stars!

A Google User

My Samsung Fascinate and my Samsung DV300F Camera will not connect to each other to copy the photos. I've had it work before but that was about a year ago now & I've tried using it periodically between then & now & nothing happens. Even after this last update.....remains unchanged. :( Please fix because I love this app!! :(

Robert Carter

Like others, Mobile Link worked initially but then stopped working and giving me a "no connection" message on my MV900F Samsung camera and terminating the WIFI connection with my Galaxy S4. I found an easy way to fix this through trial and error. On my Galaxy S4 I went into the Application menu, navigated to the Mobile Link program and selected it and the "Settings" menu came up. I went to "Cache" and emptied it and it works perfectly now. (will call Samsung customer support with this fix as they did not know) Works perfectly now and I love this feature.

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